Towards Harmonious Administrator-Teacher Relationship


Teaching is a never-ending learning process and it can be enhanced by quality relationship between school management and teachers. For a healthy association, they need to collaborate, interact, discuss and respect each other. GP Gupta, national president of International School Federation of India, gives tips on how to have a harmonious relationship between the two.

Any successful school reaches its heights of excellence due to the relentless efforts of teachers, students, parents, staff and of course the administrators or the school management. It is a true partnership between the teachers and the management that helps any school to reach its optimal level.

Many a time, when new initiatives are taken by the management, there are a few teachers who raise a lot of questions and are sometimes even unwilling to support them. Sometimes, managements dismiss these pleas while at other times, these teachers are labelled troublemakers. But, it is important to understand each other’s perspective and then work together for the benefit of the students. Administrators can have a harmonious relationship with the teachers by embracing, educating and empowering them. Happy teachers mean happy students and better performance.

It is, therefore, essential to have a healthy relationship between the pillars of the school – teachers and the administrators.

Here are a few tips for administrators to follow:

  • Visit the school: It is important for the management to visit the school from time to time.
  • Guide & train them: It is important to guide the teachers from time to time on the changing trends. Be their mentors, rather than directors. Also, there have been tremendous changes in the education system. Keep the teachers up-to-date with the changing trends by giving them appropriate training.
  • Take periodic feedback: It is imperative to take feedback from time to time and reassess the situation in the school.

Here are a few tips for teachers to follow:

  • Trust: It is truly said, “In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. So hold the hand of the person you work for rather than expecting them to hold yours.” Trust your school management.
  • Think rational, think positive: Even if you disagree with the management on certain issues, try to look at the situation from their perspective. Maybe it is not as negative as you thought it to be.
  • Student vs staff: Management often make decisions, keeping in mind the needs of the students first. So, think again before you disagree totally.
  • Towards one-to-one interaction: Disagreements can be taken up in a closed room in a one-to-one interaction. Listen more and try to understand their point of view. Then, put your decision forward.
  • Collective mission: Remember, it is a collective mission to improve the school standards and achieve annual progress. Brainstorm how you can be more effective in your teaching methodologies.
  • Collaborating effectively: Examine best internal and external practices, seek better alternatives and jointly form a path to success.
  • Share the vision: All the staff at the school should work on the same vision. They should share similar values, beliefs and cultural linkages. Only then the school can achieve great heights.

Building a positive and harmonious relationship between administrators and teachers goes a long way in building a positive culture in the school and lead to imparting better education to the students.