The Blue Marble


(ICSE Geography for Classes 3–8)

Author: Rita Fernandez; Series Editor: Baruna Ray Choudhury

Publisher: Madhubun® Educational Books

Geography is a living subject. It involves the study of the ever-changing earth and sheds light on the elements that make up our environment. It helps us to see how humans are interdependent and adapt themselves to the changing environment.

The Blue Marble is a new series for teaching geography to Classes 3–8, written in consensus with the latest syllabus for ICSE schools, and focusing on inculcating environmental sensitivity in learners. They learn to examine their relationships to their immediate surroundings like school, neighbourhood, city and state; and also to distant entities like country, planet, galaxy and the universe.

Human actions have brought dramatic changes to the environment. Increasing population and the resultant increase in the demand for energy have put a lot of pressure on existing resources. The growing population has led to an imbalance in our ecosystem as our current reserves cannot sustain the ever-increasing population. Our cities have become very crowded and infrastructure has been unable to keep pace with that. A study of geography stimulates learners to analyse these issues sensibly and be prepared as future generations who will have to deal with all these issues in various facets of life.

The books lay special emphasis on linking geography with everyday life. The Ignite Your Mind questions enable the learner to relate to the concept, taking cues from his/her daily routine. Give It a Shot activities enable assimilation of the concepts learnt in the form of interesting activities and projects. Additional information is given as Fact Bite and application-based picture study questions are given as Pictography in Classes 6–8.

The approach to practical activities encourages learners’ participation and enables them to work effectively in a team. The number and range of exercises has been planned keeping in mind the needs of the latest syllabus.

The contemporary pedagogical methods of the series support an application-based study of geography. The series will not only acquaint learners with the concepts, but also help in developing the following skills:

  • Mapping skills: Learners will learn how to use and read maps, signs, symbols, index, floor plans and layouts.
  • Analytical skills: Learners will learn to make linkages between physical and geographical features, climate, flora and fauna and human lifestyle.
  • Problem-solving skills: Thought-provoking questions, concept-based projects, crosswords and activities develop problem-solving skills of learners.

The simple, lucid language of the text, and the accompanying vivid images will make the books appealing to young learners, while the application-based approach will make them appreciate the nuances of geography.