Save paper


Advent of ultra-modern digital printing machines has finally brought in a new paradigm in document printing. Schools can now opt for these perfectly engineered machines for the production of a gamut of documents in-house, without running to any third party printing press, to save time and production cost. In the vanguard of such technological revolution sweeping across the document printing market is Canon—one of the leading manufacturers of a versatile range of digital printing machines of multifunction features and devices designed to meet the needs of customers, which largely consist of schools.

Schools choosing Canon digital printing machines can get a fresh advantage in document printing against those using traditional offset technology.

Digital machines are ideal when it comes to printing on demand (printing as per requirement). In schools, these machines can create personalised document for each student easily and fast, be it printing ID card, report card, individual portfolio or others. Turnaround time of digital machines are very short as printing that may consume 3-4 days in offset technology printers may finish in a matter of two hours. Even teachers submitting print orders for their class materials in the morning can get them all at the end of school day or in a matter of few minutes.

For teachers and administrative staff of a school, it must be quite time consuming task to print a single original copy on a laser printer and rush down the corridors to make multiple copies on photocopiers. In this respect, digital printers with multifunction devices (MFDs) help teachers copy, scan and fax through simple commands from a centrally operated print facility. A series of multifunction devices can be installed in different departments or buildings of the school via a fiber-optic network to share any document from a centralised system to all others.

Now, time and budget are two big concerns to be kept in mind when we go for digital machines. For instance, every single design project in a school is different from one student to the other and digital printers can customise each of them at individual level in accordance to the use of text, images and colours during the print process. Most of all, this technological advancement of digital machines eventually saves paper, which is indeed a wise move towards cost-saving as well as environmental front. In addition to cost-effectiveness, fast turnaround times of digital printing machines in production of short-run documents in schools meet the deadlines under any given circumstance.

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