Sangeeta Sabharwal


Sh. S.N. Sidheshwar Sr. Sec. Public School, Gurugam
Birthday : 10th August
Hometown : Muzzafar nagar (u.P.)
School/College where studied : S D College, Muzzafar Nagar

Best thing about being a teacher:

I strongly believe that no other profession is as noble as being a teacher. One indulges in the godly act of chiseling the minds and personalities of children. Your joy knows no bounds when you are able to present to the society a perfect human being. Only a teacher produces doctors, engineers, leaders, artists, etc. This crazy, demanding, exhausting job keeps us motivated and forever digging deeper to make an Teaching is the only profession where we can learn a lot from the students as well. A teacher always keeps onlearning something new every dayfrom those whom she teaches. It is refreshing, and humbling at the same time. Being a teacher is a great responsibility – her word is the gospel truth for students and therefore she feels powerful; however, with power comes responsibility. Teaching is very exciting; there is never a boring moment. Every day presents a new challenge.

My first day as a principal:

The first day of any job can be stressful. This is especially true when you find yourself responsible for an entire school of students and educators.I had been working earlier as PGT Economics. My passion to be at the helm propelled me to accept the position of a Principal of a renowned school. I was a little stressed. I wished someone could tell me how to present myself before the students in the special Assembly and at my first staff meeting. It was almost intimidating. However, having great conviction in myself, I was determined to succeed. One moment was difficult. Thereafter, things went on smoothly.

Best thing about being a leader:

Being a leader teaches us to strengthen our faith in the team we are leading. It’s simply impossible to be breathing down the neck of every member of your team to ensure they are getting their work done on time. Patience which is one of the biggest virtuesis drilled into our values.

We learn the ability to train others to collectively accomplish a common goal. A great leader makes everyone on the team feel equally great. It is amazing to be able to draw out the seemingly small talents a lower level employee possesses and incorporate it into the bigger picture. A leader is only as great as theteam.So equipping them is essential to accomplishing your tasks.

The best part of being a leader is helping the people you lead achieve more than they ever dreamed. Nothing is as rewarding as chaperoning someone through the process of self-discovery, and learning the power of persistence. No matter what the goal or outcome, you and the person you’re leading realize that the journey is the thing. The best part of being a leader is seeing a desirable destination that at first appears impossible to others, and then making the impossible a reality.

Role of parents in the operation of school

Parents are important stake holders and true well-wishers of their wards. It is necessary that they should be provided with comprehensive information related to the education provided to their wards.

As important partners, parents can play a constructive role in the education of their wards. They can understand the needs of their children, and can guide the school accordingly. They play a positive role in the implementation of policies of the school.

Visiting the classrooms for observation

The first thing which I notice is that the teacher andstudents are comfortably placed; the body language of the teacher is perfect;the topic is presented well;the lesson is being taught in a clear voice with perfect ease. Besides this, Ilookfor interaction, goodclass control, and the teacher’s command over the subject.

Vision of special education

Special Education strives to assist students to choose opportunities for success and development of self-advocacy. It aims at continuous enrichment of skills and knowledge by special education personnel. The mission is to provide support services to the students with special needs so that they may succeed in passing high school.

Each child’s learning should be supported.

Teachers can support learning in inclusive classrooms in three ways. First, they teach so that students with differing abilities and learning styles can understand and participate. Second, they modify assignments when they are too difficult. Third, they model respect and encourage friendship.

Board Curriculum Frame Work

This document seeks to provide a framework within which teachers and schools can choose and plan experiences that they think children should have. In order to realize educational objectives, the curriculum has to beconceptualized as a structure that articulates required experiences.

E-learning platform

Technology touches every part of our lives. The resources available online can provide each classroom with more interesting, diverse, and current learning materials. Technologies have increased educational productivity by enhancing the rate of learning and reducing costs associated with instructional material. Using technologies teachers can use their time in a better way. It has been observed that educational productivity has increased by acceleration of the rate of learning. When technology is effectively integrated into subject areas, the teacher grows into the role of a facilitator, content expert, and counsellor.

Qualities a new teacher must have

We cannot decide on a single trait to define a good teacher. She/he must possess strong interpersonal skills, passion for teaching, compassion and good command over the subject. He/she must be a ‘Kid Magnet’.

Advice to new teachers

If you have decided to venture into a challenging profession, pick up the gauntlet with a smile on your face. Don’t get deterred by the impediments. Your work is beautiful- chiseling andmoulding personalities. Your job is twenty percent knowledge and eighty percent interpersonal skillsthat will ‘connect’ you with the student. This connection—this caring attitude—motivates learners to learn. Your Mantra should be ‘Passion for knowledge; Passion for teaching; Passion for kids’.
Best confrences attended: Principals Connect organized by CBSE, all GPSC Annual Conferences.