Principal Ashok Singh Guleria


Principal, Akal Academy Gomti, UP
Birthday : 03rd March
Place of Birth : Nagrota Surian, Kangra, HP
Hometown : Kangra

First school as a teacher:

I started my teaching at Government Senior Secondary School Barial H.P as Lecturer in English. I served there as HOD English and got the opportunity to serve as Lecturer in English at J.D Degree College in my home town. Later in the year 2006 I came into contact with Kalgidhar Education Trust, Baru Sahib and was appointed as English Language teacher at Akal academy Kajri where I served as Chief Coordinator and Vice Principal. In the year 2016 I got the opportunity to serve as Head of Institution at Akal Academy Gomti U.P.

The best thing about being a teacher:

The best thing about being a teacher is to lead a team or group of learners distinct in their learning styles, habits and social backgrounds and cater to all aspects of their personality, enable them to face the challenges of the world with confidence. A teacher is a role model who develops individuals into useful and noble citizens.

How did you feel on the first day being a school Principal:

On the first day being a Principal teacher I was very excited and optimistic at the prospect of taking on this role. Since I was well known to the administration of the organization, they welcomed me whole heartedly. Even my previous school head gave me her full support. I as team leader started focusing on the top priorities of our institution as I got valuable directions from the school management.

The best thing about being a teacher/leader:

To develop a work culture that everyone wants to be part of it is the best thing a teacher or team leader must pursue.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school:

Parents are an integral part of the school system. Certainly they have a major role in school success. Nowadays parents are aware about their children’s progress and achievements. So, they need to be involved in and enthusiastic about the school and the academics of their wards. No school can work alone towards shaping the future of children.

First indications that the classroom is an effective learning place:

On several occasions I take rounds of the school classrooms and see the children happily sitting and participating in the learning process without being aware they are being observed. They remain fully engrossed in their academic work. This is the best indication that real learning is going on.

Your vision of special education:

Every child has the birth right to get education to fulfill his/her interests, desires and dreams. Every child is part of a community and should be given the opportunity to participate in the same projects and events as every other community member, regardless of any physical or mental limitation he may have. I think that with the help of special education we can bring hope and provide every child opportunities to grow and develop.

How can you make inclusion a reality:

Across the globe, children in the past were excluded from schools where they belong because of disability, race, language, religion, gender, poverty, etc. Contrary to it every child has the right to be part of an education system common to all children. Thus there is need to accept and welcome each child by schools’ teachers and peers alike. Thus inclusive education values diversity and the unique contribution each student brings to the classroom. In a truly inclusive setting, every child feels at home and has a sense of belonging and commitment to do something.

Your views on e-learning platform:

In recent times e-learning has gained tremendous importance as it has opened doors to independent, flexible, accessible, convenient and technology driven teaching–learning mechanisms. Online learning resources can play a major role in removing educational inequalities globally and help in global integration of learning programmes and job markets. Students from developing countries and low-income families will be immensely benefited with online learning programmes. India must embrace e-learning and merge it with teacher based school learning.

Best conference/seminar you have attended on education:

I have attended many seminars and workshops on teaching skill development. The best one was a workshop on Uses of Multiple Intelligences in Teaching-Learning held at our Organization head office at Baru Sahib in Himachal Pradesh.

What qualities do you seek in a new teacher:

I have often noticed that new teachers feel that they are well qualified and need no more learning. I think a teacher must always take himself to be a learner. Learning is fundamental to teaching. It has been said that ‘you teach what you are.’ Teachers should be examples of how learning works. The best teachers work to improve their ability to teach. They read and explore the techniques used by others in a never-ending effort to better themselves and their skills.

Advice that you want to give to new teachers:

I always advise teachers to spend each moment and minute of their school life in useful workout. They must develop work culture among themselves.

I often get worried and irritated when I see any teacher sitting idle and finding no work to do in his free and spare time.

Your favourite Book :

I read a lot randomly but my favourite book is Wings of Fire. The book covers the life of a renowned scientist who rose to glory from a very humble beginning. One of the things that stand out throughout the book is Kalam’s positive thinking. The book has several references where Dr. Abdul Kalam describes his journey towards his mission. I love to mention these lines from the book.

‘Why be afraid of difficulties, sufferings and problems? When troubles come, try to understand the relevance of your sufferings. Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection.’

What are the key values that a school/ institute must instill in students?

Schools are the temples of learning and teachers who work there as God’s angels. Our institutions firmly follow the principles of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his followers. We carry forward the philosophy of our great Gurus.As Guru Nanak Dev Ji laid down the dictum ‘Kirat Kario’, means earn an honest living by God given skills, abilities, talents, ‘Naam Japo’ refers to the meditation, vocal recitation of hymns especially chanting of the word Waheguru means wonderful Lord, ‘Vand Chakho’ means share what you have and consume it together as a community. This could be sharing of wealth, foods, things etc.

Advice you give to your teachers/ staff at the beginning of each session:

The beginning of a new session in our school is exhilarating and all teachers and learners seem to be in high spirits. I just at the outset of the new school term set our school staff. We together workout on our teaching- learning goals. We set and fix responsibilities and prepare the whole school infrastructure ready to go ahead. We organize ourselves and get set the school term to go. My advice that always goes to all is to uphold the spirit of dedication and hard work till we achieve our goals.