New challenges in teaching & learning…


Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher!” said the great poet William wordsworth. Well, while nature has been teaching the humankind from time immemorial in all its glory and variety, the impact of COVID-19 on the humans worldwide has been so immense and powerful that it made us learn a number of things to which either we were not ready or we were not even aware of. The entire organized life systems were put to test to cope with a set of new challenges in lifestyles, relationships, emotions and professional management. The school education system was not exempt from that.

Derailing the entire previous plans of schools, it made us to respond meaningfully to situations which were unprecedented. Responses had to be quick, intelligent, timely, responsible and accountable. My salutations to the schools all over the country that they raised up to the occasion and coped with the new and emerging challenges to deliver their best of knowledge in the most difficult circumstances. Re-engineering the curricula, designing a contextual pedagogy, maintaining an interactive relationship, responding to technological requirements – all these called for new learnings, new approaches and innovations. Teachers, far and wide, in the country even from the remotest parts demonstrated not only their willingness but the curiosity to open the new doors.

In a number of cases, they responded with passion in spite of salary-cuts, delayed payments and other challenges, just to be a part of a responsible society that cares for their future generation. Distance learning modes through technology provided online learning, flipped classrooms, blended learning process, further enabled by technology driven assessments, data analytics, newer feedback mechanisms and self-learning both for students and teachers. Questions did raise about the need for managing the emotional content in the relationship between the learners and the teachers. I think, we will have answers for such questions sooner than later.

The Progressive Teacher, is indeed a very powerful platform where interactive learning takes place for the entire teaching community through shared experiences from peers, words of wisdom from the experts, skill-sets transfer from professionals and a lot more. After a long time, as schools reopen, I am sure they will find the inputs from this magazine relevant, contextual, supportive and help with a new learning. I would be happy if the readers could respond with their experiences through short anecdotes so that it can provide further learning for others.

I place on record my sincere appreciation to Sonal Khurana for his continuous efforts to being the magazine as a learning tool. I thank Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director, S.Chand group for his support and guidance.
Wishing all of you a safe and healthy journey of life!

G. Balasubramanian