Make your kids learn the chapter of cleanliness


According to Dr. Haim Ginott, ‘Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.’

These impressions that are inscribed on their minds last a lifetime. Therefore, we need to inculcate and develop good qualities and habits in our children from a very early age. Of all the qualities and good habits that we, as parents need to instil in our little ones, is the habit of cleanliness. Practice of cleanliness keeps children disease-free and happy. Children need to be taught to exercise cleanliness in all spheres, so as to imbibe in them, the principles of good health and hygiene.

Even a slight negligence in following the cleanliness regime can lead to ailments, ultimately giving way to serious illnesses, such as infections, allergies, etc. Therefore, personal cleanliness needs to be addressed and put into practice very firmly, from a very young age.

As a responsible and careful parent, I would like to share some tips related to Personal Cleanliness.

  • Begin your children’s day by asking them to freshen up followed by a meticulous hand wash.
  • Guide them to brush their teeth properly for at least 2-3 minutes to keep them cavity-free. Brushing teeth twice a day should be made a regular habit.
  • Further, follow it up by a rigorous mouth wash to avoid mouth and gum related problems, for children six years and above.
  • Educate them to take a bath properly with soap everyday/regularly.
  • Encourage them to wash hands before and after every meal with good quality soap.
  • Teach them the use of tissue while coughing or sneezing.
  • Make sure they trim their nails properly as they are the favourite place for the germs to grow.
  • Instruct them to wear washed, cleaned and ironed clothes.
  • Direct them to avoid putting fingers and things like pencils, pens and erasers in their nose and mouth.

Personal Cleanliness, a global term, includes cleanliness of personal space like our homes, neighbourhood, as well as our surroundings. It is important to know and realise that not only personal hygiene, but environmental cleanliness is also of utmost importance.

People, who consider cleanliness important in their lives, are conscious about dust free, garbage free area around them, too. They are conscious of their role in keeping the society and their surroundings clean and also consider it their responsibility to educate others on taking up this habit seriously.

However, cleanliness is not the responsibility of one person only; it is, in fact the responsibility of each and every individual in the home, the society, the community and the country. We all should be careful about disposing waste in dustbins, so as to prevent spreading of infections at home and in the surroundings.

Following points should be kept in mind to inculcate the virtue of environmental cleanliness deep into the children:

  • Teach them not to spill food while eating.
  • Instruct them not to throw bits of paper or garbage on the floor. Instead tell them to throw garbage into dustbins.
  • Advise your children to keep their things like toys and books in place.
  • Direct them to carry a paper bag, whenever they move out, so as to avoid disposal of garbage in the open.
  • Tutor them not to litter the city.

Apart from teaching them basic cleanliness etiquette, as cautious and caring parents, it is also important to involve them in keeping the surroundings clean. Guide them to pick litter up and throw it in waste baskets. Keep a check on them by assessing them and rewarding them for following the Golden Rules of Cleanliness. Develop realisation and understanding about hygienic and unhygienic lifestyles.

Besides doing the above, remember that you are your child’s First Teacher and Role model. Act accordingly and therefore, practise what you preach. Show your children what you expect from them. Take a cleanliness oath that we will always promote cleanliness and help others promote it too.

Meenal Arora is the Executive Director of Shemrock Preschools & the Founder Director of Shemford Futuristic Schools, which is the K-12 School Chain of Shemrock. Mrs. Meenal Arora is a thoroughbred education researcher and a committed educational professional, who works with a passion for quality & innovation. Under her dynamic leadership, the Group has established 375+ Shemrock Preschools & Shemford Senior School branches located in India and Nepal. Mrs. Meenal Arora is also a well-known author who has co-authored several preschool books, papers and articles.