Kudos to our schools and teachers!


Sonal KhuranaThe novel Coronovirus has brought the world to a standstill. With various countries imposing lockdown, we are experiencing the ‘new normal’ and are struggling to have a normal life. With lockdown imposed in India, various exams stand cancelled till further notice. Schools are closed too…but only for the entry of the students. Infact, they are now working even harder to provide uninterrupted learning to our students.

Our schools and teachers have geared up to the challenge and are now offering digital classes to their students. This is something new for some of the teachers but it is remarkable to see them honing their skills and delivering digital classes in the best possible way. They are looking for newer ways to engage with students and make learning a fun-filled activity. Carl Rogers said, “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”

Both students and parents have appreciated the efforts put in by the schools and the teachers. This issue talks of the various initiatives taken by the teachers to make digital classes not just informative but also enjoyable. Teachers can take tips from these articles.

In this issue, we also talk about the importance of art in education. Any subject can be taught using some form of art, which not only makes the topic interesting but also easy to learn. Art has the power to transform, educate, to illuminate, inspire and motivate. Integrating art in education brings out the best within the child and hence provide holistic development.

Our schools and teachers have brought learning at the doorstep of every child…kudos to all their efforts. With such uncertainty surrounding all of us, let’s all come together in this trying time. Stay safe and healthy!

Sonal Khurana