Kudos to all teachers!


Words defeat me to express my sincere appreciation to the teaching community for the marvellous work teachers have been doing for the last one year to keep the light of knowledge burning in the field of education. I am personally aware, how teachers from different parts of the country, be it from urban schools or those from rural, left no stone unturned to respond to the challenges given to them from their school leadership to respond effectively with new curricula, newer pedagogies and new technologies. Many of them sacrificed their personal comforts, personal time and commitments to raise up to the occasion to face the new normal.

There have been scores of training programs for the teachers countrywide on technological platforms to keep them abreast with newer curricula, newer pedagogies and newer methods of assessment. Indeed, attending webinars unlimited was quite taxing, yet the teachers found them quite empowering and facilitative. Hence, their response levels were quite high. On the online platforms, a few teachers did face issues of inadequacy either due to lack of training, lack of awareness or lack of resources. Nevertheless, they showed resilience and displayed their pedagogical skills in the best possible ways. They deserve our appreciation.

With the New Education Policy 2020 getting ready to be implemented, teachers are required to be ready with newer thought patterns, newer models of knowledge delivery and are required to update their assessment skills. Experiential Learning, Competency Based Learning, Art Integration, Artificial Intelligence and the like are putting immense pressure on the teaching community to articulate their teaching methodologies in a different manner. One would be happy to note that the teachers are responding to all these challenges with a positive outlook and as an acceptable learning proviso for the future.

The current issue of “The Progressive Teacher” projects some of these issues so that the teaching community could get benefitted with experiences and knowledge of their peers. I thank all the authors who have contributed to this issue. Mr. Sonal Khurana and his team deserves all our appreciation to have given a beautiful and intellectual profile to this magazine. I thank Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director of S. Chand Group for supporting this endeavour.

I fervently hope that we should be back to our schools soon and will be able to restore normalcy in our learning process.

With Best Wishes

G. Balasubramanian