Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE)


Located in the serene campus of the Government College in Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE) is an initiative which Gujarat Government has taken towards giving unique training courses to teachers who are ushering in excellence in education for generations to come. The Progressive Teacher spotlights IITE’s programme to epitomise the extension of knowledge tradition embedded in the rich intellectual and cultural heritage of India.

Envisioned to unfold a new era in teacher education, Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE) aims to hone future teachers into evolved professionals who can lead and guide the young generation/children of tomorrow towards a ‘knowledge century’ in a perfect manner. The mainstay of education in this teacher training institute revolves around the components of holistic training, value education and skill orientation through which students can be shaped into a promising generation of educators with a sense of responsibility towards the nation as well as an orientation for international mindset.

Indian tradition intake

IITE focuses upon the integral development of teachers through transformative knowledge of Indian tradition in a new era of teacher training. In fact, the ultimate attempt is to give teachers training based on globally benchmarked curriculum with ideas gathered from collective or fusion of intellectual tradition of India and the rest of the world. This will eventually help teachers to become competent to guide the young generation to be able to deal with issues of the challenges of the 21st century.

Courses offered

Ultimate mission

The core mission of IITE is to provide integrated training to teachers which is marked and defined by value education, global outlook and is inter-disciplinary. It also aims to impart teacher training which enables the prospective teachers to see the world in a new light of universal human values and promotion of the indigenous tradition of teacher-student relationship (guru-shishya parampara) in various fields of humanities, arts, crafts, sciences, technology, yoga, psychological and physical education.

Courses designed

In an attempt to undertake, conduct and promote programmes that will enhance the highest aim of pedagogy and synthesis of knowledge-systems and internationalism, IITE currently offers unique curriculum based MA and two diploma courses which encourage development of multiple intelligences. In addition to ‘intellectual dimensions’ for logic, rationality, language domain, knowledge, technology, understanding, applications and other higher order analytical and thinking capabilities, the curriculum extends to physical, creative and reflective dimensions about yoga, sports, music, dance, painting, introspection, compassion and sensitivity.

Based on advance research relating to teachers’ education for the purposes of advancement of capacities to teach and learn amongst professional teachers, IITE’s curriculum is designed in a manner to appropriately train social educators, social workers and even parents to teach and guide the young and future generation.

Candidates who have completed graduation in any discipline are eligible for admission to these courses. For the diploma courses, preference is given to those currently teaching in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools and holding a BEd/MEd/ M Phil (Education or Psychology) degree.