Great Teachers are Great Leaders


Great teachers are great leaders who are masters
of translating mission, vision and strategy into action – Deborah Chang 
As we live in an era of infinite information, endless possibilities, immeasurable opportunities, never ending discoveries and explorations, everlasting innovations and inventions, the responsibilities and roles teachers ought to play are numerous yet vital.

Teachers are entrusted with the great responsibility of creating and moulding global leaders who can think critically, dream creatively and act constructively through a life-oriented and personalized learning. Great teachers are those teachers who constantly inspire their wards to love what they learn and enjoy what they do realizing that ‘a happy and motivated child is the one who learns better, faster, deeper, longer and greater’.

Teachers as leaders should help all their students cultivate and develop a burning desire for reading because reading plays a seminal role in the development of a creative mind. It enables them to discover their innate talents and unearth their dormant abilities and potential. It deepens their understanding, widens their perspective, sharpens their critical thinking, enlightens their minds and awakens their genius. Ultimately it leads them to greatness because ‘great leaders are great readers’.

Great teachers are eternally positive who celebrate the uniqueness of each child and who can influence and inspire them to become what they are meant to become in life. As rightly said by John C. Maxwell ‘leadership is influence’, every teacher must look for ways and means to inspire and influence his/her students and colleagues positively and constructively with his/her excellent leadership skills and exemplary life. It is well said that ‘the success of a child depends, to a great extent, on the leadership role effectively played by the teachers during his/her formative years’. I as an educator can emphatically affirm that all those teachers who teach with enthusiasm and passion can easily inspire their students and enable them to elevate their lives.
Teachers as great leaders must leave a lasting legacy that can be emulated by the generations to come. Great teachers are great communicators too who can stand up and speak in simple language in a concise manner with clarity, courage and conviction.
Great teachers are good collaborators and team players who possess ‘the power to persuade’ others to support and collaborate in all their endeavours asserting that ‘the hallmark of leadership is the ability to collaborate with others.’

‘Great teachers are great leaders simply because they have the ability to educate and enable, inspire and persuade, enlighten and empower their students’. Great teachers are inspiring teachers who play a variety of roles and their responsibilities are manifold. Listed below are a few of the roles effectively and meticulously played by great teacher leaders:

  • To educate the youth and ignite their creative minds to discover their destiny,
  • To enlighten their minds to innovate and invent,
  • To inspire their students to ‘dream big, dream strong, and dream long’,
  • To expand their leadership skills and qualities,
  • To sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • To broaden their perspective and deepen their understanding,
  • To unearth their innate talents and dormant abilities,
  • To kindle their quest for knowledge and wisdom,
  • To stimulate their curiosity and imagination, and
  • To guide them to be sensitive and responsible human beings.

Therefore, we can very well conclude that great teachers are great leaders if their ‘actions inspire their students and colleagues to dream more, learn more, do more and become more’. I wish and pray that every teacher may stride forward confidently in this world of unimaginable changes and succeed in his/her noble endeavour to educate, enable, enlighten and empower the young generation to become great and global leaders who in turn can make this world a better place to live in.

M. Alfred William is the Principal of Wisdom Wealth International School (Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu), a Progressive School that strives to mould and shape Global Leaders through a life-oriented and personalized learning.

He has served as a Teacher, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Vice-Principal, Principal and Manager in five different schools in India since 2006. He has a great passion for teaching and learning and enjoys the responsibility of being a school administrator. He is a voracious reader and loves sports and games. He holds master’s degrees in English, Computer Science, Education and Business Administration. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Sciences. He firmly believes that EDUCATION can change one’s destiny by changing one’s mental attitude. Therefore, he strives to become a great educator in order to bring revolution and innovation in the field of education.