Extracurricular Activities:

not just for fun!


These days, schools are focusing a lot on extracurricular activities, besides academics. From sports, yoga, music and drama to personal development and community service programs, there’s a lot students can learn at school.

While many parents and students might think that such activities are a waste of time, it is time for them to think again. Such activities offer a welcome break from studies and homework. Children can rejuvenate with such activities.

In addition to building specific skills, extracurricular activities also help in developing general academic and soft skills. For example, when a child goes for debates, his fear of public speaking wears off. When a child is playing a sport, he builds team spirit and so on. He meets new people and learns to trust them.

Besides, extracurricular activities are good for a complete development of a child. One can learn new skills with the same. They don’t just focus on studies, but can build up more interests. It is often seen that students who participate in different activities, do well in academics as well. This is because they learn time management, organization skills and better self-confidence.

This issue is packed with features on extracurricular activities and how teachers can motivate students to participate in the same. Besides academics, teachers should encourage them to participate in various extracurricular activities for the overall development of the students, the citizens of tomorrow.

I would like to conclude with Albert Einstein’s words, “Play is the highest form of research.”

Sonal Khurana