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Teaching Biology in the digital age!

The knowledge of biological science has really benefitted mankind. Hence the role of Biology Teachers is vital in developing interest and gives utmost clarity with various teaching methodologies like the discussion method, practical method,…

The art of teaching economics

ECONOMICS - this subject may be a nightmare for many and interesting for a few. Economics classes are considered as if one needs endurance to attend the drudgery of listening to heavy complex market behaviour.

Academic Content and Teachers’ Connect

Either we can fulfill the minimum requirements regarding interacting with students, or we can create a learning environment that facilitates students’ overall development in the classroom. Students learn in classes because of the need for…

Two Parenting and Teaching Truths

As a teacher I ‘dumb’ nothing down. What I do try to do instead is weave the eventual whole cloth of complexity one simple strand at a time. What simple idea can I teach, how can I check for understanding, what will I see or hear to know…