Bandana Sen Library Awards to celebrate, empower and revive school libraries


In an earnest effort to celebrate libraries and librarians, to facilitate world-class libraries across the country, OneUp Library, Bookstudio and Learning Lab has launched a one-of-a-kind award—The Bandana Sen Library Awards. Envisioned in the memory of Bandana Sen, a pioneer in the field of children’s libraries and reading programs in India, BSLA aims to motivate and promote the library as a space for nurturing young students’ imagination, critical thinking abilities and the development of collaborative spiritand innovation.

BSLA envisions the ‘library’ at the heart of our school communities that catalyzes the child’s development by providing a continually evolving, dynamic and joyful environment that encourages discovery. They have a higher purpose of nourishing souls, and every child deserves a Librarian who believes in them and can help them grow their bond with books. School libraries today have the potential to not only support the school curriculum, but also be classified as collaborative learning zones that center on critical-reading activities. It is therefore imperative that we strengthen our school libraries and laud our librarians, to enable them to nurture the reading culture in our society.

Joining the cause is a committed panel of jury and advisors, who share the vision and add immense value with their areas of expertise. The erudite Jury members have enviable reputations as educational professionals and include:Abha Adams, Dr. ShabbiLuthra, Ruchira Ghosh, Peggy Sood, Dr. ShaliniAdvani and DonavonReinsmoen.

The BSLAwards will be given out at a special event on 9th November 2019 at IIC, Delhi.