Balwadi Teacher Training by LIFE TRUST


Today LIFE Trust is one of the largest education partners of MCGM(Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) in Mumbai working in Secondary schools since 2004-2005. Every year they push themselves to deal with greater challenges to ensure that each student has an enriching experience in the school. They have set certain high standards in schools by offering Conversational English, Maths, Counselling, Yoga, Karate, Computer Education, and Art & Craft in addition to taking the students for educational excursions, celebrating festivals, etc.

Continuing their relationship further with MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) and upon their request they started a new Balwadi programme in 2017 wherein they provide English teachers to Balwadis in MCGM – MPS schools.

LIFE Trust have partnered with ECA (Early Childhood Association) to further train the Balwadi teachers, enhancing their teaching skills, and communication so that they can in turn provide quality education to the Balwadi children in MCGM MPS schools. The training shall be conducted every month.

The training aims to enhance the grasping power of the children, reading and writing skills, making them more creative and exposing them to the concept of thinking-out-of-the-box. It focuses on psychological development of the children not only through the syllabus but also through games and fun activities.

The training would enable the teachers to communicate with the parents of the children effectively on other aspects such as nutrition, healthy habits, etc.

LIFE Trust wants to make available to the teachers the best educational aids and skills pertaining to child development and learning.

Increase in student enrollment has been seen in Balwadis adopted by LIFE TRUST since the operations began in 2017. The parents of the children seem happy and satisfied with the children’s performance. They would like to see further improvement in enrollments through their educational and teaching methods.