Alka Kapur


Alka Kapur
Principal : Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi
Birthday : 10th August
Hometown : Delhi
School : J D Tytler School,
College where studied : Delhi University

How did you feel on the first day being School Principal/Leader?
I was highly elated on being given this position in the year 2000. But at the same time the responsibility to mould the lives of 3000 students on my shoulders made me realize my pivotal role as the Principal. I heartily took the challenge to ensure my school becomes the beacon of brilliance in the years to come.

The best thing about being a Teacher-Leader.
The best thing about being the teacher leader is touching the lives of students and teachers and helping them to blossom with positivity all around.

What are the traits of an effective Principal?

  • Strong leader
  • Good strategist
  • Person with a clear vision
  • Credible in handling situations
  • Inspiring, motivating
  • Champion for creating learning environments that are collaborative and innovative

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school.
Parents are important stakeholders whose cooperation is imminent in the successful functioning of the school. It is only through the collaborative effort of the parents and the management that the holistic development of the students is possible. The parents should be actively involved in various mechanisms of the school while exhibiting trust and faith in the school system.

When you visit a classroom, what are the first things you look for as signs that the classroom is an effective learning place?

  • Proactive teacher with enthusiasm that is evident and contagious.
  • Technology is used thoughtfully to enhance lessons and learning.
  • Healthy interaction between the teacher and the taught
  • Smiling yet attentive faces of the students

What is your vision of Special Education?
Special education is the instruction designed for students with special learning needs. Youngsters in the same classrooms are remarkably different in their abilities. It is difficult for the teacher to help them reach their educational potential without some kind of assistance and hence the need of special education to help these children provide a wide range of opportunities in all spheres of learning.

What is your view on e-learning?
I think E Learning has become an integral component of education. Today Technology and Education is a boon provided it is channelized in the right direction. The use of blogs is increasing with the advent of technology. Flip classrooms, Cloud based learning have completely transformed the teaching learning process. The best part is that every classroom now can be turned into a global classroom. We are moving towards the age of E bags where students will no longer be burdened with heavy bags.

How to make inclusion a Reality?
Inclusion can be made a reality by providing all the students, however different they might be, equal opportunities to perform well in all spheres of life.

The most touching things that School Children have done for you?
I was touched and overwhelmed by the beautiful gesture and gratitude that my children showered on me on my birthday. The birthday wishes, the beautiful hand – made cards and the melodious composition on my birthday are memories to cherish.

Best conference/seminar that you have.
Inspiration Festival organised by Action Committee and Mind Mingle at Panjim Convention Centre, Goa. The objective was to discuss the new dimensions in the field of education. The convention was graced by the honourable Governor of Goa, Ms. Mridula Sinha.

Your favourite Book: The Power by Rhonda Byrne

What are the major qualities you seek in a new teacher?
A new teacher should be evolving as she/he has to deal with Google generation. The teacher should be patient and loving to ensure that the child gains knowledge under her umbrella of care and trust. According to me, she/he should be more of a facilitator rather than ‘Sage on the Stage’.

One piece of advice that you want to give to new teachers.
The new teachers need to learn that they are no longer content providers rather facilitators, advisors, guides and mentors. The teachers’ work is intense and demanding as they need to continually incorporate new technology, new learning theories in their teaching strategies. Their critical challenge is to be able to play the role of promoting ownership of learning to students whereby they develop skills of analysis and synthesis, creation and innovation amongst them.