10 Smart time-management tips for teachers

Teachers require excellent time management skills to balance their classroom goals, educational needs of the students and huge paperwork that follows every assignment. Here are 10 time-management tips for teachers:

01. Smart organisation

Keep your desk free of clutter. Organise it to keep items you are currently working on. Remove old and outdated reference material and keep only that material which you actually need.

02. Set clear goals and smartly prioritise your tasks

A teacher has to perform a number of tasks on day-to-day basis. Clearly state all the tasks in hand and prioritise them. If you think, there are a few tasks which are simply time-wasters, cut down on those tasks. Arrange your workload on the basis of importance of the tasks as well the resulting impact of the completed tasks.

03. Plan your time smartly

Once your goals are set, plan your time wisely. Keep a diary or a planner or use an app to jot down your plans. Once your task is complete, tick it off the list; you will actually get a sense of accomplishment when you spend your time judiciously and feel more productive.

04. Smart lesson planning tips

Teachers spend a lot of time in lesson planning. It is a good idea. However, you can take cues and help from free lesson plans on the internet. Besides, you can also keep printouts of the lesson plans already developed by you and reuse them.

05. Smart marking tips

Teachers spend a lot of time checking notebooks and assignments. If the questions are objective, you can discuss the assignment in class and let students do the marking for each other. This way, students will also learn the right answers. Spread out homework in smaller chunks with deadlines and check them on a regular basis. Do
not procrastinate. Be regular with your marking work.

06. Get smart with technology

Technology has made our lives simpler…for teachers too. Use Google Forms, check YouTube tutorials, flashcards from Quizlet, mind maps from Coggle, et al. Such technology tools will definitely help you and save your precious time.

07. Smartly find ‘me’ time

We all need some ‘me’ time to unwind ourselves. Set some me time for yourself, however busy you are. Relax in that time, exercise for some time or just sleep. Try to keep a work-life balance as it will make you a happy person.

08. Smart plan for potential crises

Plan for potential crises. All those residing in Delhi/NCR now know that there will be unplanned holidays due to pollution around Diwali. So, plan your classes accordingly to avoid any last-minute rush. Besides, be prepared for other crises like bad student behaviours, natural disasters and class distractions. If you have a plan in hand, you know how to tackle those problems.

09. Smart parent communication

These days, teacher-parent communication is not limited to monthly Teacher-Parent meetings; it is much more. These are dedicated WhatsApp Groups, emails and calls for the same. Though, it is good to respond to each query at the earliest, but teachers can limit their time for such activities and respond and address critical issues first. Other queries can be addressed at a later stage. Put important information on Google Docs so that it is accessible to all.

10. Say ‘No’ smartly!

For few of us, it is difficult to say No. But, if you find yourself constantly involved in school events or extra-curriculur activities, which is taking a toll on your time, then learn to say ‘No.’ Participate in the things you like and respectfully say ‘No’ to others.