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Who is your teacher?

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November 30, 2017


This is not a rhetorical question. You learn from somewhere, from somebody, somehow. From the time you take birth you start the process of learning – every little thing you ought to know or that you encounter. You do not necessarily learn all good things, not necessarily all right things; it is a mix of good, bad, divine, ugly all as a package. So who is your teacher then? Unknowingly thousands! Yes you got me right may be more than hundreds and thousands.

You learnt through infanthood. You knew how to cry and definitely smile and laugh with all that the elders did around you. You learnt amidst crying how to get instant gains. Holding fingers taught you to take support for your first baby steps. Eating with fingers taught you to grab whatever you could as much you wanted to eat. Doing class work and homework taught you to be educated, doing assignments and projects taught you to use your skills and practical acumen wisely. The van driver and definitely school taught you to come in time else walk your way to school. The co-driver/ aunty in school taught you to adjust to situations, at times stretching you a little more. The safaiwala taught you to give/ throw garbage in a cleaner manner. The friends in your locality taught you to open up, make new friends and enjoy new games. The friends at school taught you to compete. Your friends in the neighborhood taught, clarified your doubts; the shopkeeper taught you practical (monetary) mathematics; the exam results and competitions at school taught you to face any adverse situation and take it positively; brothers and sisters taught you sense of belonging, sharing, caring and at times having secrets too. Family is always a major contributor of lessons. You would relate to your school and teachers, but there have been teachers all your way. You learnt a lot from school but I must accept the fact that gadgets – like the television, the mobile phone and yes, the internet, etc have been teaching a mix package of many things, some difficult to digest with little to take away. Please use and don’t abuse the teaching mode you get.

The world is flourishing because of Matrudevo Bhava, Pitrudevo Bhava, Acharyadevo Bhava, (Supreme Teachers) and I hold my head high with respect and gratitude for all their blessings being showered on me. We couldn’t be there, and do well without them. I just cannot list their teachings and my learning (they are infinite in number). I can only say -‘Thank you for being there for me’. I salute them for their unconditional love. I want to walk my life taking lessons from them.

Teaching for me was never an afterthought. What has kept me here for almost two decades and still carrying on was the actualization of a constant endeavor to deliver in the interest of children. It dawned on me that I need to gear up to meet the expectations of my students. From my point of view, I have been the most important person in my life but I owe it to all my teachers who knowingly or unknowingly taught me to be a responsible human being. I have learned to appreciate what I give, rather than what I receive.

All the teachers should know that the fruits of their sincere concerted efforts continue to grow, blossom and become global people. All these thoughts will sustain me for as long as I live. I take this opportunity to thank every person who has passed through my life, thereby teaching me something I know today. All these little things amount to what I am. Thank you for completing me, my TEACHERS.

I am a 1996 Alumini and Lecturer with Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad since 2002. I am a proud recipient of (1) National Award for Excellence in Hospitality Education THE BEST TEACHER 2008-09 MoT, GOI , (2) Aspiring Researcher 2015 IHC and (3) Educators Award 2017, IHC (awarded but not received).

After completing M.Phil (Tourism Management), I am pursuing Ph.d (Management). My tenure extends to National & International exposure (Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Switzerland) through industry operations and academia. I am a Qualified Learning Facilitator from Ecole Hotelier De Lausanne Switzerland and a Master Trainer for NCHMCT.

I continue to write with 130 + articles published on various disciplines in local, state, national and international level newspapers, journals and magazines. I have my research papers published in various peer-reviewed journals. I look forward to opportunities for walking that extra mile to learn and to make a paradigm shift from teaching to learning.

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