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Values and the Education System

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May 7, 2016

Values and the Education System

The present generation is highly indisciplined. They don’t have values. They are forgetting their culture and tradition. They don’t respect elders… This is frequently discussed and debated among the elders and the teacher community. So the questions arise –what is the reason of this moral degradation/degeneration? Why have we failed to transmit values and practical knowledge in the process of educating our offspring? Can we wash off our hands just by blaming the children?

In this materialistic world, we, the elders are busy in the rat race for success disregarding our duties towards our younger ones. Though we put our children through long years of academic rigour in the name of career-building, the important aspects of skill-building and character-building have been given a back seat. Of course, in this process we cannot hold only the educational institutions and teachers responsible.

The parents also have a share in it. In the very early onset of childhood, the job of upbringing the child is left to teachers. The grandparents are replaced by caretakers and tutors. The thirst for love and concern is quenched by worldly pleasures on a lavish scale. Often the child is confused and shuttles between the conflict of ‘saying’ and ‘doing’. To impress his parents and teachers, he doesn’t hesitate to embrace unfair means to meet the ends. In the educational factories, there is a good deal of production of engineers, doctors, officers, etc. What the present world needs is a good set of sensible human beings. But unfortunately, there is a dearth of the same.

Is it not a matter of grave concern that a great chunk of youth are patronising and joining some anti-national terrorist organisations? Youth, the immediate future of the country, is misled and trapped by some unscrupulous organisations rampantly. What could be the obvious reasons for this? Is it due to academic apartheid or political hypocrisy or social prejudice or personal resentment? Whatever could be the reason but the repercussion is turning the country into a volatile place, a haven of chaos.

Religion, the most misunderstood concept in our country, is often misused to create fuss with least sensitiveness. Overruling the constitutional provisions, the difference on the basis of caste, religion, race, community is growing by the day. The basic idea of Indian society is pluralism. We need to understand and respect the inclusiveness, pluralism and diversity. If one says that he loves his mother, it doesn’t mean that he hates someone else’s mother. That is called Pluralistic approach. If we go on fighting over these issues, then the dream of developing our country will just remain an idle dream.

Whenever we give an example of a developed country, we turn cynical and talk about our system in poor taste. Is it not shameful for us? We all wait for a miracle to happen or a saviour to drop from heaven to change this system. We seldom learn from others that it is the people of a country who can bring change and uphold higher ideals in the global front.

In this country we find many great speakers but very few great doers. There is no denying the fact that some are striving hard to reform the society, but that is not enough. The common man has to shun apathy and join in to accomplish this herculean task.

As elders and teachers, we need to ponder over these sensitive issues and reform ourselves first. As the saying goes –‘I do what I see, not what you say’. So be the example and then persuade the child. Persistent perseverance can definitely bring change. The miracle is within us. If you want to see the change, be the change. I request the teacher fraternity to share their views on how to instill values and patriotism in the young generation.

Pallishree Rath has been in this profession for more than a decade. During this period she got the opportunity to work in various schools around India. Though teaching was not her first preference in life, she just ventured in by chance and eventually fell in love with it. ‘I love to experiment various methods of teaching in the class rather than using the conventional way’. She loves to invent various methods of teaching grammar, writing and speaking skills. Currently she is an English teacher at Delhi Public School, Vijayawada.

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