Transforming lives…

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

Children look up to their parents and teachers for guidance. And teachers are not just knowledge disseminators; they play a major role in transforming the lives of their students. We all remember at least one teacher from our growing up years, not because she was an excellent tutor but because she went out of her way and touched our lives on a different note.

It is often seen that teachers get perturbed when children do not complete their homework, do not get their notebooks signed by parents or when parents do not turn up for the parent-teacher meets. These are the times when children are reprimanded but have you ever given a thought that who is actually responsible for it? Well, it is the parents who are at fault. Either they are not serious about their child’s education or they simply are too engaged in other things. Parents should be equal participants in their child’s activities at school and children cannot be blamed for lapses on the part of the parents.

It is important for teachers to understand the reason behind such lapses. Only then, they can empathise with children and motivate them to do better. Let them understand that in such situations, they need to find a solution. So, instead of blaming the parents for their neglect, the teachers should devise ways to get their work done for it is the responsibility of the teachers to help the children cope with such situations. For example, if a child is missing classes due to some family problems, teachers can help him cover up lost work.

This will not only take away the extra burden from the child’s shoulders, but will also motivate him not to miss classes. That’s the extra mile all teachers need to walk. Even Paulo Coelho says, ‘What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.’

Happy teaching!