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To My Grand Child

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November 28, 2017


Dear Child!
When you are born,

I don’t know I am here or gone.
But I have some words for you,
That I could not make your
parents do.

Unpredictable are fortune, luck or ill fate,
All we can is watch and wait.
I had nursed high ambition,
In regard to my daughter or son.

But I faltered in the plans I proposed,
I could not help what God disposed.
I know you will do your best,
But life is short, no time to waste.

The earlier you treasure your life,
Better you enjoy your life.
For a student there are many
Never choose luxury or fashion.

Set your dreams as well as goal,
Chase with all your might and soul.
Circumstances have their own go,
The key to success you should know.

Sleep and enjoy in student life,
And work hard in rest of life.
Your parents are your best guides,
Obey them with peace and pride.

Every feeling with them share,
Respect their love and care.
They are your first well wishers,
Only they will mourn your failure.

All going is through winding stair,
Don’t be upset by failure.
You have to make your own road,
For the battle sharpen your sword.

Every time you may not win
the battle,
But to win the war you must be able.
Be honest, simple and fair,
If you are right never fear.

You may put yourself in others’ shoes,
You should also learn to lose.
Conscience is divine element of God,
Service to man is service to God.

Never boast your gain or pelf,
Give the needy and poor help.
Be afraid of God and sin,
Always strive to achieve win-win.

–Sadar Singh Kaintura

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