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Jan Feb 2019

Jan Feb 2019

EDITORIAL ›  Teacher-student relationships TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS ›  Dear Nawaz: thanks ›  Positive and supportive teacher student Relationship: a cornerstone for students’ Intellectual, emotional and social development ›  Guru in…

Alka Kapur

Alka Kapur Principal : Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi Birthday : 10th August Hometown : Delhi School : J D Tytler School, College where studied : Delhi University How did you feel on the first day being School…

The art of teaching economics

ECONOMICS - this subject may be a nightmare for many and interesting for a few. Economics classes are considered as if one needs endurance to attend the drudgery of listening to heavy complex market behaviour.

Cracking Walnuts!

Q1. ‘Sikandar’ is a word used in Urdu or Hindi for someone who is young and a rising talent, and is believed to be derived from Persian. However, another theory suggests that it is derived from the name of an extremely successful ancient…