Tackling Real World Problems with Innovative Solutions


To address some of the real world problems of the 21st century, Queen Mary’s School, Delhi has partnered with Leapstart and GAIT to transform the physical education class and address the need to move and think creatively.

Lack of movement

Our children are not moving enough. Be it lack of avenues and spaces or just the skills and ability to move. On the flip side, we know that children who move well are much more likely to continue moving and grow up becoming active healthy adults. As parents and educationists we have to keep our children active for life by engaging them in sports and physical activity from a very early age. We have to tackle this now as obesity and inactivity is soon becoming the number one cause of many health related problems.

This is where Leapstart comes in. Leapstart is a programme backed by research to ensure children are taught the fundamentals of movement and skills across a variety of sports in a fun, age-appropriate manner. The programme uses a curriculum designed by SPARK, USA and delivered by highly qualified, SPARK-certified trainers to ensure every child is getting the most out of the physical education class. Children learn skills across numerous sports like football, volleyball, hockey, archery and many more. So tomorrow, when your child grows up, you know they will most likely choose a sport as a means to remain active!


Creativity is as important as literacy. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original

–Sir Ken Robinson

These are the words of one of the leading thought leaders in education. Our children have to grow up into a world where their ability to think creatively, be confident of their ideas and express their emotions is what will help them navigate this increasingly complex world. Education, therefore, should not be about academics alone; it should also be about ‘movement’ activities, body and spatial awareness, team work and critical thinking to help prepare them for the future.

GAIT – Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent is a creative movement programme that fosters creative thinking using the body as a medium of expression. Using the elements of dance and theatre GAIT facilitators nurture innovation over imitation.

Creative movement helps build a child’s self-esteem by exploring new territory, in this case, body and its interplay with space. It also provides a framework for children to communicate and express their emotions. GAIT classes thus become the training ground for collaboration, listening and ideating together. It encourages children to think of multiple solutions and forms of expression to a question. This is then repeated seamlessly by the children in all aspects of their life, including academics because it then becomes a way of thinking.