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Save fuel for better environment

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November 1, 2018


Awareness to save energy has to be an essential part of human life when our planet earth is effected by Global warming showing a marginal increase in the temperature year by year and also to sustain better and healthy life for future generations.

Industrialization, machinery and faster modes of transport have become a way of life and symbols of prosperity. Today, we all are in a race to waste our natural resources just because of our negligence and ignorance of a cause. Not only petrol or diesel but all other types of fuel such as natural gas, propane and oil are going to vanish very soon. Increasing usage depletes their reserves on the earth. So there will come a time when they will no longer be available. The answer is to develop alternative and renewable sources and to use our natural resources judiciously.

Our environment is being affected due to the combustion of fuels. The burned fuels are released into the environment in the form of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, by automobiles and factories; these released burned fuels are depleting the Ozone layer of the earth. Due to the depletion of the Ozone layer, Greenhouse effect is taking place. Ultra violet rays are reaching the earth directly effecting human health. It is also bad for the environment; and the more petrol we use the more emissions we create. It is high time that we should be off of fossil fuels and use alternative sources of it; but this isn’t an easy task. If we are motivated and really want to adjust our lifestyle in order to develop positive habits, it will definitely save our earth from future environmental issues and help sustain healthy human life.

If we seriously follow the following steps, it will certainly make a difference-

1. Proper maintenance of our car is essential. Engine oil must be changed after certain mileage as dirty engine oil can cause internal engine friction and lead to the wastage of fuel.
2. Cooking and heating fuels can also be saved at home. Switch off the electrical appliances when not in use.
3. We can also save fuel in the kitchen by cooking efficiently. Using pressure cookers and induction stoves also helps in reducing use of fuel.
4. Covering pans keeps the heat in the pan, while cooking food. Not heating more water than we need also saves fuel.
5. Let’s use more efficient LED bulbs and televisions and computer monitors.
6. In rural areas people still use kerosene and wood for domestic cooking and heating. We need to upgrade their lifestyle so that the environment is saved.
7. Wastage of food, water or other materials happens very often. Reducing wastage indirectly saves fuel required to produce more food and other products.
8. Carpooling, usage of public transport and use of bicycles can also save fuel.
9. Switching off vehicles at traffic signals and railway crossings also saves fuel to some extent.
10. Usage of clean renewable fuels like solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, biomass, nuclear, hydro, biofuel and so on meet our demands as well as save our environment.
Students of Kendriay Vidyalaya DRDO, Bengaluru, were made aware of the causes and remedies to deal with the need of the hour which was reflected through art works; vibrancy of colour shave made the works more interesting.

Rupsi Chauhan

Rupsi Chauhan

Rupsi Chauhan is working in Kendriya Vidyalaya D.R.D.O Bangalore as an Art Education teacher for the past 15 years for the promotion of drawing skills and creativity in children. Her art curriculum consists of topics related to current issues on Environment and Energy to bring awareness in the minds of the young ones. She has served as a judge in various art competitions and is a member of the panel for selection of art teachers in local schools. Twice she was invited as art educator from India to the Art Festival held in Washington D.C, 2012 and 2015.

She has made a 6.38 minute 2D animation film on Nurture Nature. She is a science graduate and studied Art from Kala Kendra, Dehradun (BFA) . She has served as a resource person for the in-service course for art education teachers held in January 2016 at ZIET, Mysore.

She has written six articles on different aspects of art for NIE, Times of INDIA in the past four years.

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