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Responsible Parenthood

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March 9, 2017

Responsible Parenthood

‘Parenting is a sanctified journey of bearing, rearing and cultivating a soul bestowed by the almighty to his guardians’- a soul which has to be nurtured with unconditional love, faith, patience, harmony, good education and acceptance.

Often parents are faced with a very common question about the best parenting methods. I always say, parenting is not based on methodologies. Moreover, it is an art – the more painstakingly you paint your canvas, the more alluring it turns out. The mother and father have a distinct role to play in the upbringing of a child.

The mother should play the role of a ‘guru’ who always enlightens others by showing rays of hope. As an infant grows in the bosom of his mother’s warmth, he passes various stages of development which lead to his cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. During the formative years multiple questions arise in the impressionable mind of the young child and it is the duty of the mother to clear his doubts which in turn purifies his mind. By doing this she imperceptibly reorganizes the pattern of thinking for the child and acts as a catalyst for responsible adulthood.

No one else can replicate the father’s unique contribution to the job of parenting a child. The father can cultivate qualities like tolerance, bravery, friendship, humanity, independence, truthfulness, which lay the foundation of adulthood.

A golden rule for all parents:

Treat a child like a king up to five years of age because he is fully dependent on you and lacks judgment skills. These exploratory years must be filled with unconditional love and availability of the parent round the clock for the child. The next ten years should be the educational years of your child where you instill moral values, appropriate social behavior and basic life skills rather than focusing on his academic skills only because this is the period when you are nurturing a child into an individual with his unique identity and personality, giving him the values of life as an immeasurable gift. By the fifteenth year, make him your best friend through trust, understanding, effective communication and strong interpersonal relationships. This is the crucial stage of growing up when a child is turning into a teenager dealing with all the changes in his internal and external world. This phase requires uniform monitoring and parents must act as a defense to protect their teenagers from negative emotions and toxic thoughts.

Parenting is loving your children unconditionally and helping in their self actualization.

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