Principal Vinita Malik


Vinita Malik
Delhi Public School, Kolar Road, Bhopal

Birthday : 22nd March
Place of Birth : New Delhi

The best thing about being a Teacher:

– You are a lifelong learner as you continue to discover new things and grow till your last breath.
– You have a sense of belongingness and purpose and also develop long term relationships.

How did you feel on the first day being a School Principal:
Overwhelmed. The emotions and feelings of the day cannot be expressed in words.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the School:
Understanding the deep – rooted importance of family and parental involvement in education and its effect on the academic performance of a child requires recognizing the fact that parents are the child’s first teachers. Home is the first school, and as such, it is the place where children learn an abundance of skills, knowledge and attitudes, some of which support what is taught in schools.

Parents need to be role models and should teach and learn as collaborative partners in the education process. They should be aware of their child’s progress, should promote regularity and punctuality and instill a positive attitude towards education and school.

First indications that the Classroom is an effective learning place:
It is a place where Bloom’s Taxonomy is constantly used from the simple to the complex in an effort to learn and understand content. An effective classroom has voice, choice, time for reflection, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, self assessment and connected learning.

Vision of Special Education:
To understand students as individual gifted learners with special needs and aspirations and assist them in finding opportunities for success and self esteem.

To make inclusion a reality:
– Collaborative endeavour to maximize the experiences of all learners.
– Focus on adopting appropriate child centric strategies based on individual needs.
– To serve an expanding special needs population without any discrimination and ensuring success for each child.
– To stimulate active participation of special needs children in the regular curriculum.

View on CCE: 
If implemented and followed in the right spirit, CCE system works effectively. A child develops life skills which enable and empower him to face future challenges. It leads to holistic development integrated with teaching learning process and enables students to expand their horizon and be more creative.

View on E – Learning Platform: 
– Integration of E – Learning Programme into the existing education system has promoted transformation. It is a powerful tool that the teachers can use and is a blended approach mixing face to face class room method with technology based activities.
– This platform can provide the highest learning outcomes and develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.
– It offers ease, flexibility and the ability to remotely access a session, gives easier access to online resources, databases, periodicals and other material.
– It is designed to cater to the needs of different types of learners and the number of students who receive instruction and guidelines from subject experts can be much larger as it brings quality education.
– It also empowers the teachers to facilitate the learning process by transforming themselves into team leaders and role models of continuous learning.

Best Conference / Seminar you have attended on Education: 
Learning in the Changing Digital Times – Inter DPS ICT Meet 2015 under the aegis of DPS Society.

Qualities you seek in a new teacher:
Passion, Patience and Perseverance. Should have sense of humour, right instincts and work ethics.

Advice that you want to give to new teachers:
– Expect the unexpected and be prepared to face it.
– Make yourself a valuable member of the school system.
– You need to be organized, flexible, and have a sense of time management.
– Ready to wear many hats – communicator, conveyer of information, manager, counselor, role model, parent.

Your Favourite Book :
Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam