Principal Dr V Datta

Dr V Datta
Dr V Datta

Principal Dr V Datta
Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi
Birthday: October 25
Place of Birth: Ajmer
Hometown: New Delhi

The best thing about being a Teacher?

Being a teacher is one great opportunity for me to impart education to the future generations.

How did you feel on the first day being a School Principal/ Leader?

The transition was marked by the feeling that you could put into action the things that you kept in mind for a long period of time.

The best thing about being a Teacher-Leader?

What our children are thinking and doing all these formative years will make the future; leading them and shaping the young minds to perfection is the best thing I ever get to do as a Teacher-Leader.

What are the traits of an effective Principal?

Well, the best is to be ‘democratic’ where you take ideas from everyone, listen to everyone, rather than being authoritative or just doing everything in an autocratic manner and trying to force your ideas on others without convincing them.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school?

Parents and teachers are never at cross purposes. There should be no mistrust between parents and teachers. Both are stakeholders in the education of the children. Parents should cooperate with the teachers to solve the problems of their children.

When you visit a classroom, what are the first things you look for as signs that the classroom is an effective learning place?

I essentially believe that a child learns not just from books for learning is not limited to books. A lot of learning takes place in and around the classroom – in a corridor or a staircase of the school. The classroom should be designed as a learning aid, surrounded by objects related to academia. It is not just formal education that we focus on because a child learns a lot informally. For this, we implement BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) concept where children get into the right academic mood straight away.

What is your vision of Special Education?

Special education is all about nurturing the children with special attention to address their individual needs and differences—it could be either in connection with academic or extracurricular activities. Children always look up to what their teachers do; so the faculty needs to be practical about what they preach. They (teachers) should train the students practically, not just through mere preaching.

What is your view on CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation)?

The basic idea of CCE was to focus on life skills and scientific attitude, but it has turned out to be like putting too many eggs in one basket and as a result, the purpose is defeated. It has become a drudgery for teachers to fill in the gap which they do in a perfunctory manner without giving it adequate thought and children take it as a relief from academic pressure. Of course, there was pressure earlier, but some pressure is required for children to study. If they know that the examination they are going to write wont carry much weightage or make any big difference, they tend to take it very lightly. So, it’s better to reconsider and revisit the CCE system and modify it in whichever way possible so that it can be of real use to the students.

What is your view on the e-learning platform?

This can be defined as yet another advanced learning platform for children, advantageous in multiple ways.

How can you make ‘Inclusion’ a reality?

Of course, there have been a lot of developments taking place for differently abled children, which include cases like dyslexia among school kids, over the last one decade or so. First of all, we must place ourselves in their shoes or situations and think from their point of view what they require; then we will be able to cater to their needs in the best possible way. Even CBSE has taken relevant steps and measures for the same.

The most touching things that school children have done for you?

To be with them, every single interaction with them and even a simple greeting from them is always a touching thing.

Best conference/seminar that you have attended on education?

A series of seminars and conferences, which I attended while doing PhD in Education from the Regional College of Education in Ajmer, contained a lot of substance to empower teachers; I still consider those events to be the best I have ever attended. The count also includes The Teachers Foundation seminars in Mysore.

What are the major qualities you seek in a new teacher?

A new teacher must be able to orient and be in sinc with the ethos of the school and learn the way to coordinate with colleagues/teachers. In addition, he or she must be committed and sincere in his/her approach to teaching.

Your favourite Book?

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. If you have EQ (Emotional Intelligence), you can move the world—this is what we require both in teaching and school administration. It is rightly said that once upon a time Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was considered to be the most important aspect, but today Emotional Quotient (EQ) has overtaken it. You see many children who are academically very bright don’t do as well as those with high EQ.