Principal-Director ARUN S. SUTARIA



Siddharth Public School,
Sabarkantha, Gujarat
Birthday: 29 July
Place of Birth: Himmatnagar

The best thing about being a Teacher? Deep in my heart since childhood I always had the desire to become a teacher. Being a teacher is the greatest privilege I ever get to guide children to their ‘goal of life’ while they are naïve, young and have little or no knowledge about it.

How did you feel on the first day being a school principal/Leader?

Amid poverty and deprivation in my childhood, I experienced a pathetic schooling time in a Gujarati-medium government school situated six km from my village. I walked down the long road to school on foot in torrid heat and dust every day. The moment when I first took up the responsibility of a school leader, I promised myself not to let my childhood woes repeat to my students.

The best thing about being a teacher leader?

Being a teacher-leader is an unmatched opportunity to lead a league of teachers who are committed to shape the future generations.

What are the traits of an effective principal?

I don’t like the usual way of presenting principal as a ‘fearsome figure’ to students. Love and affection are what an effective principal must lend to his students, not fear. Principal must be polite, humble and inspiring. He or she must be a role model to teaching staff as well as to the students.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school. These days most of the parents are virtually in grip of tuition walas. They have lost their direction in nurturing their kids academically.

Education is not all about rote memorization of MCQs for better marks or percentage.

Children must sensibly learn what is taught in school. In this respect, parents should open up to share any learning disability or problem of the kids with school teachers.

When you visit a classroom, what are the first things you look for as signs that the classroom is an effective learning place? Kids always learn from their surroundings. A farmer’s son learns farming from his father’s activities around. In a similar way, we must make the classroom a place or an environment where learning is inspired and inculcated.

What is your vision of special education? In my view, special education is the need of the hour for every kid in today’s modern world. Beyond books and pencils, kids must be nurtured by introducing to the changing trends of technologies, sports, entertainment and others through extracurricular activities.

What is your view on QCT (Quality Circle Time)?

QCT is more of personality development and socialisation we introduce to students at an early stage. This concept provides students the idea of learning and gaining knowledge among peer group. Every school must adopt QCT as this interactive method is suitably designed for kids in the age group of 5-6 years.

What is your view on CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation)?

This is the best way to keep children engage in study throughout the academic session.

What is your view on the e-learning platform?

I’d like to call e-learning a new revolution in learning. We must be part of this new trend, which is now picking up insistently. It makes everything easy and simplified. This is good for both students and teachers.

How can you make ‘Inclusion’ a reality?

I feel a lot needs to be done for the differently-abled students. Inclusion will be more successful than what we see today in schools only when we pay special attention to it. Around 30 km from my place, there is a special school for disabled kids and children of leprosy patients. It is single-handedly run by a gentleman, of course, a philanthropist.

We need more such dedicated work in the society.

The most touching things that school children have done for you?

‘Namaste´ in unison from kids, whenever I enter their classrooms, has always been one of the most touching things I receive from my students.

Best conference/seminar that you have attended on education.?

School Leadership Programme by EduExcellence in New Delhi in 2011 is one of the best education seminars I have attended till date.

What are major qualities you seek in a new teacher?

All the time, I tell my teaching staff, ‘There is no magic or rule book of teaching. Only love and affection work.’ This is what I expect from a new teacher as well.

Your favourite Book.?
What is Worth Teaching?
by Prof. Krishna Kumar.