Principal Arti Prasad

 Arti Prasad
Arti Prasad

Soami Nagar Model School, in Soami Nagar, New Delhi
Birthday : 10th October
Place of Birth : AGRA (U.P.)

Studied at Schools/Colleges:
Schooling at KendriyaVidyalaya, Hoshangabad (M.P); Graduation and Post Graduation from DEI (Dayalbagh Educational Institute); Agra, (U.P)

First school as a teacher:
DPS, Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

The best thing about being a teacher:
To be with the children and for the children. Always feel young mapping energy of children and interacting with young minds. Love and respect you earn from them cannot be measured.

How did you feel on the first day being a school Principal:
I was excited and nervous about the new responsibility and challenge to shoulder. But happy also with firm belief to serve others and make a positive impact with dedication.

The best thing about being a teacher/leader:
You are able to execute innovative ideas with progressive approach and a good team. You are able to shape young minds and give them wings. You have to be an all-rounder, flexible, accountable, yet firm on principles and core values.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school:
Parent has a proactive role as a facilitator and important partner in the learning process. They should trust and believe in the child’s strength and contribute to strengthen school’s mission. They should spend quality time with children and support them in all endeavors.

First indications that the classroom is an effective learning place:
Happiness and energy level of students is an important factor. Student’s engagement involvement and passion of teachers reflects the effectiveness.

Vision of special education:
It should be inclusive, but with trained teachers to monitor their growth and with conducive environment. Other children also learn empathy and values with them.

To make inclusion a reality:
We are teaching students of different backgrounds, and children understand diversity in real life scenario. Children from all economic background study together and learn. Our philosophy is to impart quality ‘Education to all’.

View on CCE:
It is a good approach for Primary and Middle school students. Children can experiment and learning is joyful with ‘Learning by doing’ approach.

View on e-learning platform:
It’s an effective platform and economical tool for sharing knowledge. Visual impact is more in learning process.

Best conference/seminar you have attended on education:
TSC (Towards Science of Consciousness) in 2014 at DEI, Dayalbagh

Qualities you seek in a new teacher:
Enthusiasm and willingness. I believe, a teacher should have passion besides good qualifications. A teacher should have an attitude of a learner, have love and warmth, caring attitude towards children, to nurture them.

Advice that you want to give to new teachers:
Try to kindle a spark and light of curiosity in young minds. Knowledge is available today, try to inspire and motivate children to go an extra mile. Dedication, commitment and your ‘Karma’ makes you a role model for these students.

What are the key values that a school/ institute must instill in students?
Character building and have courage to fulfill their dreams.Students should be motivated to do selfless service and take societal responsibility as a good citizen. Conserving resources and environmental consciousness to be instilled from early stage.

Your favourite Book:
Karma Kurry by Jerninio Jerry Almeida and Jyoti Nanda.

How has the teaching learning process changed from or a decade ago to now? How do you/ the school meet the current needs of students?
More technology is being used today than in past years. We are flexible and progressive towards learning of students. More activities, workshops, visits, talk by experts from different areas are arranged to give them exposure and enhance their potential.

What are the key challenges that you go through as a Principal/School Leader and how do you overcome these?
Every day is a new challenge and has a ray of hope. I try to deal with these with patience and divine grace. With positive attitude, constant feedback and belief in Karma, I evolve as a person, to do more every day.

How do you keep abreast with the current trends in the education system?
By attending workshops, meeting and interacting with different people, more reading and keep updated. Alumni also contribute a lot in this.

Advice you give to your teachers/ staff at the beginning of each session.
A teacher is a sculptor, who shapes the future of a child and country. Teach from your heart with passion and commitment. Enjoy your work and be an active learner with open mind.

Tell us about a recent book you read or a recent film that inspired you and your key takeaways as a school leader from:
‘Guiding Souls’ by APJ Abdul Kalam. I am a great fan and inspired by the Late Dr APJ Kalam.

What inspired you to enter the field of education?
Love and affection for children, learning and creativity to shape your ideas. To serve the community and carry my social responsibility.

What according to you is the purpose of education?
Spiritual, intellectual, development and evolution as a complete man, with a purpose.