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Poem – The Woman

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March 29, 2018


One day in the rainy season,
A woman came to my humble abode;
In the lovely guise of a bride,
Came to give my home an exotic fragrance!
To give my dreams — sweetness.

Suddenly a wild wave broke over my shoulder!
And drowned all words in my heart.
She stood steadily beneath the roof,
Slowly turned, glanced at my face,
Shyly and with faltering steps,
Came near and sat by my side.

Taking her hands in mine, I said
You do not know me nor do I — You,
I wonder what it could mean
What the future has in store for us.
She said let’s try our best to build bridges,
And overcome all hurdles that come in the way.

Between two beings — each to the other unknown,
Thus started a journey on the family path.
Some smiles; some pains; some joys; some sorrows;
Through them we strived, with our
Limited means and guidance of the time,
To chart a course on the journey of our lives.
-B D Bhargava

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