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Parivaar banaam Paathshaala

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November 29, 2016

Parivaar banaam Paathshaala

Revered Anand Swarup said, ‘Education, more education, education made perfect is the only panacea for our country’s ills and evils.’ As we introspect today, we realize that ‘split life’ and ‘knowledge in cubicles’ can develop a soulless machine, not a ‘soulful being’. Soami Nagar Model School provides a unique, innovative, comprehensive, flexible, multi-disciplinary, value based education system with the mission of evolving a ‘Complete man’.

We believe ‘Education is not about making a living; it is about making a life’. Through humanised education, we try to evolve ‘Homospirituals’ from homosapiens. Given that children at this tender age have pure minds that are just opening up to the outside world, it is important that the right seeds are sown at the right time to enable them to create a better world tomorrow. Children need to be taught to live in unity and not pay heed to the artificial divide between the rich and poor created by the society. It is only then that they will become healthy pillars of society and that is what we at Soami Nagar Model School strive to do.

Envisioned by Most Revered Mehtaji Maharaj, the Soami Nagar Model School started in 1982 for Classes I-V under the Gracious Guidance of Dr. M.B. Lal. The School has been serving the community over the years and has expanded since its founding. The calm, spiritual ambience provides an ideal environment for holistic development of children. This school is a microcosm of the world where pupils from different backgrounds are nurtured with love and care. Their ethical, intellectual, spiritual development is taken care of by a dedicated faculty. Students are encouraged to ‘Be Yourself’, develop independent thinking; they believe in traditional wisdom and yet are modern in thoughts. SNMS is a progressive school based on Indian thought process, culture, tradition and values.

The School came under the academic and administrative control of Dayalbagh Educational Institute in 2008-09. A phase wise expansion of school started since then and now it has classes up to XII.

We have Sigma Six Q way of education in our Model school. Our school is trying to provide a platform for well-rounded development of the child with these six attributes and skills.

(i) Intellectual education: Academic relevance with quality and excellence and relevance to contemporary needs. Scientific temper, learning by observation, analysis and critical thinking is developed through various activities.

(ii)Physical education: Sports and games are encouraged where a child develops leadership, team work and discipline. Social service (field work) and rural development is also taken care of. Yoga and exercises help in physical, mental and spiritual growth of children.

(iii)Emotional education: Remedial teaching with the help of mentors, and counselling sessions take care of children’s emotional needs. Facilitators work continuously for upliftment of weaker sections serving society.

(iv)Social education: Environmental and social challenges of today’s world and global awareness is taught. ‘Each one-Teach one’ is practised here. Recycling and preserving resources is emphasised in every sphere and activity. Students volunteer in Medical camps and Literacy camps organised by the society.

(v) Cultural education: Comparative study of religion, Indian culture, general knowledge are taught through various modules and activities.

(vi)Moral and Spiritual education: Values form the basics of character development and lay the strong foundation of life. Spiritual consciousness permeates the fibre of education system of this institute.

Let’s delve into our very own ‘MODEL’ family, which has unique features:

  • Equality: Every family has members who share work. Here in our Model school all stakeholders work hard and are treated equally. Decisions are taken after sharing ideas and considering all viewpoints. There are people who may not be in lead roles, but the story may never be complete without them.
    Social, cross culture, varying economic backgrounds and diversity is accepted and respected by all members.
  • Dignity of labour: All members believe in toiling, hard work and do not hesitate in doing small or big work. ‘Waste nothing’ is an important principle of this school, be it food, time, energy, resources. Human values are evoked and transformed into habits here.
  • Knowledge society to Wisdom society: Today in this Google world, knowledge is easily available to everyone. But vivek is missing. Social sensibilities and societal commitment seed is sown in tender hearts.
  • Dedicated honorary educators: Such a band of experienced, dedicated, committed teachers is rarely seen, who discharge their duties, without any materialistic motive. No senior or junior in the school, only your karma and best service speaks. You can earn respect by being the best worker. It is a unique model where teaching is a perfect blend of academic excellence and moral and spiritual values. Sharing of knowledge and learning takes place with complete humility.
  • System Society: All society members and community are rendering their services with commitment. Alumni and parents are giving technical support.

Sahyog, Sangathan, Safalta is the motto of our school with excellent team work and collaboration skills. SNMS is committed to impart quality education to all children, which is cost effective; irrespective of gender, caste, socio­economic background. Only a nominal fee is charged so that all can avail the educational facilities of SNMS. This is a learning centre where a strong sense of individual and community responsibility is fostered in young minds. The distinguishing feature of its education policy is its emphasis on combining excellence with relevance to contemporary needs. We believe in the ideal of ‘Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man’; and attempt to produce a model of a classless and casteless society, and work in harmony for the service of mankind and not for selfish ends.

Arti Prasad has a post-graduate degree in Physics with a B.Ed and M.Phil. She has 21 years of experience in the teaching domain. She is an alumnus of DEI (Dayalbagh Educational Institute), which is celebrating 100 years in the service of education.

She started her teaching career as a Physics teacher in DPS Vasant Kunj. Presently she is the Principal of Soami Nagar Model School, in Soami Nagar, New Delhi. SNMS fosters academic excellence along with physical, cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual education with scientific methodology and transforms children into good citizens by fostering courage, character and commitment.

She is an educationist and academician by choice and has a strong passion for teaching and serving the society. She has conducted various workshops for teachers and students in different areas related to Curriculum (development & designing, planning) and CCE. She has been an excellent sports person and has participated in Table tennis, Volleyball, Shot-put at the regional and national level.

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