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New Trends in Education

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July 11, 2017


Education has to be skill based, sans which it will not fulfil its purpose. We need to stress on computational thinking. It is going to be useful for young persons and adults who believe in being lifelong learners (LLL).

It’s an interesting tag line… New Trends in Education. Anything that is stagnant rusts, we all know this. Similarly, in the Education Industry as well, if we prolong the same practices, thoughts, etc. everything will become redundant. We need to have a progressive mindset and keep generating changes that time demands.

I have been in this industry for three decades now and I have seen many changes, but none so robust as seen now.

We are entering the 4th stage of industrial revolution, we are moving towards an era of machine learning. Globally the trends are changing. Machines are taking on humans. There are talks about driverless cars, robotic surgeries and so on so forth.

Therefore, the focus has to move to becoming lifelong learners, keeping oneself equipped with the changing technology. The literary qualifications have to be a part of the complete package. The present day education that the schools are imparting has to be necessarily skill based. The focus has to be on providing the students with a basket of skills necessary for survival and sustenance.

Every individual needs to be ready to handle the situations, find solutions to problems, critically think and introspect, manage crisis and find means for survival.

Another major change is that the modern day education is becoming technology driven.

Thirty years ago, it was a big deal when schools got their first computers. Today, students carry their own laptops.

According to futurist Thomas Frey, in fourteen years students will, most probably, learn from robot teachers over the internet.

In fact, Frey even claims that by 2030, the largest company on the internet is going to be an education-based company that we have not heard of yet. Google has already started developing DeepMind, a complex piece of machine-learning software. IBM is developing Watson-powered robots. Amazon is developing drone delivery.

‘Nobody has quite cracked the code for the future of education,’ Frey contends.

The future of education is going to be bombarded with the enhanced version of today’s massive open online courses.

Machine learning too will accelerate in a similar fashion in the education space. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have the same trajectory in the education space.

Technology has revolutionized every sphere and impacted the education sector robustly and it will continue to do so. Therefore, only progressive minds will survive.

As Educationists, we need to stress on technology and its related components. Education has to be skill based, sans which it will not fulfil its purpose. We need to stress on computational thinking. It is going to be useful for young persons and adults who believe in being lifelong learners (LLL).

About 10 years ago, Jeanette Wing had proposed that Computational thinking is a skill that is required not only in IT and computing but would be valuable for many: Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, Managers…

In fact I am amazed at the rapid advances in technology. To keep pace, we all have to keep ourselves abreast with the skill set and more important is to pass these skills to the next generation under our care, in a structured manner. Global Education was earlier within the reach of a select few but thanks to advances in technology, we all can and are benefitting from it, be it the massive online courses, which we can access and enroll for while sitting at our home. The Digital Libraries are within reach, we all know. The world is actually a global village and we all can see it.

In future, I can clearly see students walking to school with just an I-pad that will open a plethora in front of them. Carrying heavy bags, will soon be a thing of the past.

We all need to gear up for the globalized processes, where there is a tendency to search for immediate results.Whether good or bad, it’s become a kind of a habit with all of us. I strongly feel that future education should be an amalgamation of the best practices of the past clubbed with the changes and the required skills of the future.

Therefore, we need to gear up, accordingly for the futuristic education. There is a need to revamp our systems and ring in the new methodologies, so as to prepare not only our students but ourselves as well for this futuristic trend in education.

Dr. Ragini Kaul has been in the Education Sector for three decades now, out of which 24 years she globe trotted on behalf of DPS Society to several DPSs across the globe. She was rightly called the ‘Roving Ambassador’ by the erstwhile chairman Sh. Narendra Kumar. In Delhi Public School, she held several positions of responsibilities like PGT English faculty, Coordinator, Master of Ceremonies, Headmistress and Second in command.

Presently she is heading the Sector 9 Rohini Branch of GD Goenka Group of Schools, as Principal.

The school has grown not only in strength under her astute leadership, but has created a niche for itself by becoming one of the most sought after school in North West Delhi.

Dr. Kaul has bagged several State and National Awards and believes in lifelong learning.

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