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New trends in art education

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July 11, 2017


In this ever changing world where technology is evolving rapidly to benefit humankind in all the sectors, the education domain has also been benefitted hundredfold. Technology not only supports pedagogical practices of the teachers but also helps students to learn how to use it.

Art, basically being a subject of creativity, innovation and therapy, explores the essence connecting my present class room activity to a cherished future project in an innovative way. Facilitating students through ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has proved to be tremendously helpful as far as teaching-learning is concerned. We, as teachers and facilitators, put in a lot of effort towards the development of a child with the aim to minimize the child’s short comings and enlarge his vision of life. My contribution towards the aim was significant from the moment I came across children who evidently lacked in concentration and it also made Art lessons interesting for the few talented ones who require more competence.

Though the periodically changeable display of the Art Works in the Art room is an effective teaching aid, but problems like better concentration, more ideas pertaining to the topics, saving time, energy and economical demos of a particular Art form were the reasons to take a decision to use ICT in my curriculum of Art Education as technology is also an effective medium to register the topic in the minds in an impressive way.

With the aim to make young minds aware of the causes and working in the projects in yesteryears like Ethnic Roots, Go Global, Cultural Exchange Programme, Nurture Nature, Save Environment and Swachh Bharath etc. ICT has proved a boon to this endeavour. Children have become more resourceful and have been able to reach their roots and have been able to connect globally. They have benefited intellectually and learnt new things.

Preparations for internal and external Drawing and Painting Competitions from information about competitions through e-mails till sending the works, online competitions, press release of Art related articles, paintings, etc. are very important aspects which cannot be ignored.

As facilitators our aim is to instill in students concentration, power of observation, ability to judge, improve their output in the form of their performance in academics and other co-curricular activities. Art, now a co-scholastic subject, supports all the subjects and helps the child in his all round personality development.

All the above factors motivated me to think about a project which will be useful to young minds to become more creative, to concentrate better, become more observant, consider fine details of everything that they see, become more aware of new technology and understand its benefits for the future.


As the world advances with the advent of new technology, the Art Department in the school should also adopt new trends in education, use technologies and keep pace with the changing world by making changes in the training methods at the Art Centre/Art Room in the schools. Over the years I have been working on many useful projects which are supported by Information and Communication Technology. The outstanding results have proved that these applications should continue and many more projects pertaining to the same should be encouraged.

I have observed that with the introduction of ICT in the Art room, the attitude of slow learners has changed tremendously. They have become active and have started taking part in different activities inside and outside the school.

All children were found to be very enthusiastic to know more about its applications in other subjects also and wanted to learn many new things like animation. They also want to take it up as one of the career options.

Following suggested projects can be taken up under this scheme-

1. Improvement in concentration level of slow learners.
2. Discovery of ART form which is diminished as time passes.
3. E-Strategy Targets.
4. ART is a Ventilator (Working with especially differently-abled individuals)

Rupsi Chauhan is working in Kendriya Vidyalaya D.R.D.O Bangalore as an Art Education teacher for the past 15 years for the promotion of drawing skills and creativity in children. Her art curriculum consists of topics related to current issues on Environment and Energy to bring awareness in the minds of the young ones. She has served as a judge in various art competitions and is a member of the panel for selection of art teachers in local schools. Twice she was invited as art educator from India to the Art Festival held in Washington D.C, 2012 and 2015.

She has made a 6.38 minute 2D animation film on Nurture Nature. She is a science graduate and studied Art from Kala Kendra, Dehradun (BFA) . She has served as a resource person for the in-service course for art education teachers held in January 2016 at ZIET, Mysore.

She has written six articles on different aspects of art for NIE, Times of INDIA in the past four years.

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