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Make Hay While the Sun Shines

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July 16, 2018

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The work of a farmer depends almost entirely on the weather. But this is a very uncertain factor, and he has, accordingly, to make the most of his opportunities. Hay making requires bright sunshine, and as hay is ruined by exposure to rain or mist, the farmer has to be quick in getting his hay in while the weather is favourable. In an extended sense, the difficulties of all human beings, no matter what their sphere of action, may be the same.

Life like the weather is uncertain. No man can tell how soon, or in what form, death may overtake him. Nor will our faculties always remain equally vigorous. Much depends on the state of our health. As youth comes but once, so opportunities never repeat themselves; or if they do, the circumstances are not favourable enough to seize them. It is therefore necessary to make the best of those that come our way. Like the careful farmer, we should always be on the alert to make the sunshine of opportunity serve our needs and ends. The man who takes things easy, who is always putting off till to-morrow what he should do to-day, who does not strike while the iron is hot, will soon find himself in the predicament of the farmer whose hay, not having been made while the sun shone, is ruined by a change in the weather.

The story of the Athenians who made war on the Syracuseans is to the point. On account of an eclipse of the sun the former postponed setting sail, though in desperate circumstances. The delay was fatal, for at the end of that time, Nicias the Athenian general was forced to give battle, lost his fleet, and suffered a most crushing defeat.

It is necessary then to seize opportunities while they are within our grasp and use them to the best advantage; to labour, in other words, while health and strength are still with us, against a day when we shall be deprived of one or the other, or both.

Rathna Sindhur with her ambitious aim inspires young minds about love of learning and helps them become free thinkers. Rathna currently teaches English from Class III-V at Edify School in Bengaluru. Prior to this she taught French at elementary level from 2009-2012 at VIBGYOR High. Rathna loves to be working with people from different trades and walks of life at varied levels. As an ISA coordinator at Edify School, she balances concerns of different groups in order to reach a common goal. Academically, Rathna is an MA in English from KSOU Mysore University; she holds Diploma in Teachers Training, Cambridge TTF and Level-A in French from Alliance Francaise.

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