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Learning to CROP with Sherlock Holmes

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January 21, 2018


Sherlock Holmes was very popular during my school days and the legacy continues, thanks to my Hindi Teacher in school, Mr Suryaji Pathade, who was a master story teller. During the teachers’ assembly he used to narrate the stories of Sherlock Holmes like Speckled Band, The Blue Carbuncle…

I happened to read The Blue Carbuncle by Sherlock Holmes and was intrigued by the plot which revolved around a stolen gem (Blue Carbuncle)

As the story unfolds Holmes discovers that the precious gem was hidden in the CROP of the goose in a farm house.

Now the word Crop instantly made me think it is hidden in the crop which is in the farmer’s backyard…. But when I further probed I was literally taken aback (No google those days!!) to know that CROP also stands for the stomach cavity of all species of birds i.e it was a synonym of stomach.

I felt foolish but also learned to CROP with Sherlock Holmes!!

What a Nostalgic Journey with Holmes!!

I believe the author of the series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle weaved the character of Holmes in such a manner that people really believed that the fictional character was alive in the famous Baker Street in the same way as Mr R K Narayan created a fictional town of MALGUDI!!!

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