Jump Start’ 16


JUMPSTART, the annual congress of children’s content creators, is a flagship project led by the German Book Office, New Delhi, which is the South Asia node of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Having started in 2009, as a series of Masterclasses, this project has seen exemplary growth as a platform for ideation, training, development and collaboration in the world of children’s content. A great connecting ground for everyone involved in creating and disseminating children’s content, it is also a great training opportunity for writers, illustrators, creatives, alike. With varying themes each year, the event has been widely attended by publishers, artists, educationists, creators, art designers, writers, cartoonists, media professionals and the likes.

This year ‘JUMPSTART Goes to School’ event will provide a 360 degree view of education in theory and in practice. In Jumpstart 2016 we travel along the wide and deep interface between education in school and children’s content. The major talk points of JUMPSTART 2016 are:-

The evolution of pedagogy: We plan to engage with questions about the teaching-learning transaction, sensory development and skill building, looking at how developers can create curricula to address these needs.

Technology and the teaching-learning transaction: Talking about how technology enhances education and enriches the learning process, this year’s JUMPSTART plans to address whether technology can help the critical development of students and bring them to learn at the same pace.

Future of innovation in education: This is to look at the direction in which education is headed. We plan to examine new forms of learning and their applications in the future.

Workshop Digital Learning Design – will deal with the interaction between didactic concept and technical implementation. The Masterclass will focus on how the intention of the narration forms a design strategy that can bring forth innovation in the context of e-learning.

The following points will be covered in this practice-oriented session:

  1. Theory input ‘didactical concepts for highquality e-learning and e-publishing products’
  2. General tools and technique options for e-publishing
  3. The mBook-system as a browser-based publishing solution
  4. Practical exercise: all participants get access to the publishing system of the ‘institute for digital learning’ in order to design one chapter for a multimedia textbook.
  5. Presentation and discussion of the results

JUMPSTART will be held in two cities. It will take place on August 2 and 3, 2016 at India International Centre, New Wing, New Delhi, and on August 6, 2016 at the International Centre, the Teri Complex, in Bangalore.

The event is aimed at CREATORS, WRITERS, DESIGNERS, EDUCATORS, PUBLISHERS, INNOVATORS, THINKERS and PROVOCATEURS and invites them to participate and join in the debate, to ideate, innovate and create.

Speakers At JUMPSTA RT 2016

Ken Spillman is one of the most versatile and prolific authors, editors and critics from Australia. He is the author of more than 35 books spanning many genres.

Dr Florian Sochatzy is the CEO of the Institute for Digital Learning, Munich, Germany, and coordinates all processes. His main interest lies in high quality digital learning media.

Preminda Langar is an innovative educator and her hallmark is developing a progressive curriculum with social responsibility while she has championed group work that goes hand-inhand with academics.

Sabina Jain is an entrepreneur in the field of game based learning. She left her tech career to work in the development sector and is the co-founder of Callystro, a game-based learning startup from Mangalore.

Ratnesh Kumar Jha is the Managing Director, South Asia of the Cambridge University Press, India.

Rohit Kumar is founder of a mobile publishing company called Chapter Apps Inc, focused on the global higher education market.

Amit Kaushik is a qualified economist having spent 20 years as a Civil Servant with Government of India. He served as Director Elementary Education and helped in the roll out and implementation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).

Harish Doraiswamy is Vice-President (direct delivery) schools vertical, Pearson India.

For registration – please register online at www.jumpstartfest.com, or write to intern@newdelhi.gbo.org