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Instructional Tools in 21st century

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September 14, 2017

Instructional Tools in 21st century

John Dewey, educator and philosopher, had remarked, ‘If we teach today’s students, as we taught yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow.’

The 21st century learners have come a long way.Today’s learner is self-motivated who has access to unlimited information, and hence in this scenario, it becomes imperative for educators to be cognizant of the exponential growth of ICT of which education and teaching learning have become an inalienable part.Technology has become an integral part of the education process in this technological era. Facilitators should strongly believe and promote that our future growth relies on innovation skills and productivity. The 21st century instructional tools have made their way into almost all the spheres of education. However, ICT in the classroom requires students and educators to be taught how and when to use technology as a tool appropriately and safely. One such effective tool is the smart white board where information is presented in exciting and engaging manner creatively with motivating outcomes. Students are exposed to various educational websites, audio, visual clips resulting in comprehensive learning. A variety of activities are provided to cater to different kinds of interactive learners. Internet, blogs, virtual classrooms enhance the knowledge and understanding of pupils.

21st century is experiential and follows Bloom’s taxonomy to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. ATL is one such project based on the tool of experiential learning. It will allow the children to ponder deeply and to understand how to analyze and create new avenues of innovation.

Today what is required is student creating and constructing with technology wherein the students need to master the 4C’s- Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration. Exchange Programmes across boundaries, Cross Cultural Projects, Excursions, Field Trips, etc. are a testimony to the fact that the needs of the new learner have undergone a major transition. To meet the changing demands of the 21st century, teaching and learning pedagogies are supported by the latest multimedia that navigates school learning culture. In this era of globalization another important technique and tool is Collaborative learning. We live in a world where countries need to collaborate to promote practices that ensure sustainability. Needless to mention that the school is just the right place for it as the future of any nation resides within the precincts of the school. Schools through Exchange Programmes, Video conferencing, Mail Exchange Programmes are progressing to turn the nations into big global villages brimming with wealth of wisdom and bounties of nature. In the words of APJ Abdul Kalam, ‘It is through the process of innovation that knowledge is converted into wealth.’ As educators it is our prime duty to ensure that our students are equipped to use the acquired knowledge as a perennial fountain and not just a reservoir.The education tapestry should be designed and delivered in such a manner that a new enlightenment dawns on the students towards the society at large and it is possible only when the instructional strategies are at par with the fascinating world of technology.

Alka Kapur ( M.A , B.Ed) is the Principal of Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, She is always bubbling with enthusiasm, vivacity and cheerfulness. She is a lady of manifold virtues who has carved a place for herself in the hearts of one and all. Under her stewardship and enriched wisdom derived from experiences of her life, the school has reached unprecedented heights of success.

Alka Kapur is an Executive Committee Member of Forum of Public Schools. She has also served as Joint Secretary North West Delhi, Sahodhya School Complex. She is rendering her services to Central Board of Secondary Education and is on a panel of inspection of schools across the globe for up gradation, affiliation, etc

Alka Kapur encompasses her vision of making the world beautiful by spreading the light of education through her meticulous work, infinite patience endowed with divine blessings.

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