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If not now, when?

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March 29, 2018

If not now, when?

Students are the pillars of tomorrow, building on the foundation of today. The teaching, guiding, facilitating fraternity is doing a great job undoubtedly. The concern is definitely of maneuvering nature. But over and above that are concerns regarding self-actualizing and strengthening the individual.

A beautiful illustration of this fact of stretching your limits in performance is Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scripting history on 15th February 2017 by successfully launching a record 104 satellites, including India’s earth observation satellite, on a single rocket from the spaceport in Sriharikota. This is the highest number of satellites ever launched in a single mission on the space agency’s trusted workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C37, on its 39th mission.

Students of the current world are exposed to so much knowledge, skills and technology that not merely the competitive spirit is on the high, the facilitators are on their toes too. All of this is only to strike a balance with the demand and the requirement of the industry. What should we do to equip our wards? It is enough for the students to be schooled? Do co-curricular and extra-curricular activities help the student in any manner in reference to academics?

Just for information, co-curricular activities are an extension of the formal learning experiences in a course or academic programme, while extracurricular activities may be offered or coordinated by a school, but may not be explicitly connected to academic learning. Standing tall in 2018, I think YES, these activities help an individual to open-up.

Every student has a passion, interest or hobby to cherish. They like to be engaged at their leisure time in activities ranging from drawing, painting, singing, swimming, athletics, playing football, badminton, karate, chess, mental mathematics, writing stories or poems, reading books, solving puzzles, reading news papers and books of general knowledge to watching educational channels rather than indulge in video games, mobile, etc. Numerous studies have been conducted concerning the relationship between extracurricular activities and academic performance. Total Extracurricular Activity Participation (TEAP), or participation in extracurricular activities in general, is associated with an improved grade point average, higher educational aspirations, increased college attendance, and reduced absenteeism – (Broh, 2002, para 8). Guest and Schneider (2003) Some of the suggestions that the parents and guardians need to consider to positively enable extra- curricular activities into their ward’s timetable –

  • Discover their passion, interest or hobby
  • Make the process gradual and allow it to mature and master
  • Incubation time is debatable
  • Don’t impose
  • Try to reach out to your ward and the agency
  • Be there
  • Accreditations are dual edged – materialistic and value-added at the same time
  • Should not affect the academics otherwise
  • Elasticity should not be checked for sustenance of the ward
  • Resultant – Fit body and sound mind

Not produce jack of all trades but schooling should enable the children to be ready to face the future, to encounter it with a smile. This is possible only when they are exposed to any and all knowledge. Any knowledge learnt will not go in vain; it will only help us grow. The quality of life is determined by the activities we indulge in and we are the deterrent for those activities occurrence or existence. A little willingness is all that is required and a sincere effort makes it click.

Live life like a King.

I am a 1996 Alumini and Lecturer with Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad since 2002. I am a proud recipient of (1) National Award for Excellence in Hospitality Education THE BEST TEACHER 2008-09 MoT, GOI , (2) Aspiring Researcher 2015 IHC and (3) Educators Award 2017, IHC (awarded but not received).

After completing M.Phil (Tourism Management), I am pursuing Ph.d (Management). My tenure extends to National & International exposure (Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Switzerland) through industry operations and academia. I am a Qualified Learning Facilitator from Ecole Hotelier De Lausanne Switzerland and a Master Trainer for NCHMCT.

I continue to write with 130 + articles published on various disciplines in local, state, national and international level newspapers, journals and magazines. I have my research papers published in various peer-reviewed journals. I look forward to opportunities for walking that extra mile to learn and to make a paradigm shift from teaching to learning.

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