How Schools are empowering Students, come CBSE Term 2 Exams


The CBSE Term 2 Board exam pattern will be different from the Term 1 question pattern as it will feature subjective type questions. The schools are leaving no stone unturned to prepare students as they are unacquainted with the new exam pattern and how to attempt the questions. The schools have consistently told students to focus on writing good subjective answers with depth and clarity.

Elaborating on the same, Seema Kaur, Principal, Pacific World School, said, “Reiteration of chapters to strengthen concepts with emphasis on regular written practice through worksheets, practice sheets, etc. is being done. Students are being guided to use mathematical tips and tricks to crack the questions in a smarter manner and the major focus is on teaching the nuances of writing subjective answers precisely yet with all key points in place.”

Special Workshops are being conducted to illuminate students with the thought process behind writing precise and well-informed subjective answers. Writing good subjective answers is the linchpin for scoring well in Term-2 exams. In the school workshops, students are learning to accentuate important points and the gist of the answers, highlight and mark keywords, and give proper line spacing. Students are being encouraged to focus on the presentation of the answers as much as on the content of the answers.

As there has been a long gap since students have attempted offline exams, they are scared and wary of how they would perform.

Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, Rohini, “The second term examinations put more focus on pen and paper practice. We advise students to engage in reading with the help of answer keys, for understanding expected questions. Students must work on their language expression using an introduction, body, conclusion for each answer category. We are preparing our students to give online as well as offline exams. Students have developed a fear of giving offline exams as they are not in a practice of doing so for long.”

The Term 2 exams will begin on 26th April. Students need to master pen-paper practice and time management to score well in the Term 2 exam. The Term 2 question papers will consist of a mix of questions ranging from Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), short answer questions to long answer type questions.