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Helicopter parents

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March 29, 2018


Helicopter parents cosset their kids
By micromanaging their activities.
They hover over them like a hawk
And shadow them under their captivity.

They are over protective
They are over watchful,
They become the lawn mower
And coach them in their home school.

They are busy in smoothing their paths
They don’t allow them to be children.
They over schedule their kids
And strive to get them out of tricky situations.

They futurize negative outcomes
They live in worry driven cycles.
They shield them from consequences
And don’t let them learn survival skills.

They over programme their kids
Feel proud to be involved in their lives.
They judge self worth by their kids
And pose to nurse them in their hives.

They don’t let them learn from mistakes
They don’t let them cope despair.
They don’t give room to be kids
And don’t let them learn from failure.

They wrap them in golden plates
And are ready to swoop and direct.
They don’t let them equip tools in armory
They don’t help them self protect.

Child is centre of their universe
They see their own dreams in the child.
They lose temper when he fails
And sometimes behave wild.

Such children lack life skills
They can’t make self decisions.
They are not prepared to deal with problems
They are not free to take action.

Great parents are made not born
They act like submarine.
They make room for mistakes
They hone child to shine and glean.

Be pro- active as a parent
Be a positive guide as a parent.
Be a mild involved parent
Be a mentor, friend and parent.

Have trust and faith in your child
Understand his limitations.
Nurture him in such a mould
He may handle every situation.

Let him enjoy as a child
Let him live without stress and fear.
Let him light his own lamp
To illuminate his sphere.
–Sadar Kaintura

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