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Evolution of Learning

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June 6, 2018

Evolution of Learning

Learning is an ongoing process; as all things have evolved, so has learning. Let us look back and see the learning processes as of past 50 years and as of now. A change is always brought when things evolve for the betterment and learning is focal. So here we are discussing the evolution of learning.

Human beings have always been seekers of knowledge. When we discover something new we share it with others and move ahead for the next achievement. This is Evolution.

We will now talk about building Indian schools. future. When we talk about a school – the basic concept will always be the same – the student, teacher and classroom – to renovate this to enhance the changes of the world today is challenging.

Technology today is an empowerment and to use this for the learning process is the change which is happening today. Indian schools of the future need to focus on teaching basic skills combining problem solving creative routes for all the students. The goal is to learn through different kinds of resources that real life offers.

We talk about the purpose of schools today and tomorrow – to develop citizens and humans beings, to inculcate social and moral responsibilities, personal growth and self improvement and lastly occupational preparation.

Way back it was, and today and tomorrow it will always be the same.

Now, we look into the new skills to be acquired in terms of comprehension, communication and computing. Reading, is a complex, cognitive process, it is a means of language acquisition, communication and sharing information and ideas. Reading is a very creative art form of a student’s learning process. The school and the parents too need to join hands to help students develop this positive habit.

Communication skills include reading, writing and listening.

Good communication skills build confidence in a student to step up and speak. In today’s modern world, a student’s speaking skills serve as the corner stone for any programme preparing young people. These skills should start with the collaborative efforts of parents and the school to motivate students.

When we talk of computing skills – well, these are the basics in today’s tech savvy world – presentations, PPT’s for the students and in general gathering knowledge with the help of computers. Adaption of technology at an early stage will be helpful for an easy in flow of knowledge to the students.

Professor in Education, Sugata Mitra’s, ‘Hole In The Wall’ project demonstrates that even in the absence of any direct input from a teacher, an environment that stimulates curiosity can cause learning through self–instruction and peer shared knowledge. For all this, self organized learning environments have to be encouraged and brought forward by the teachers.

All these ideas, changes for the betterment of the school, students and parents need to be revisited by the parents.

All of these need to be collaborated with portfolios and project work.

Alternative assessments determine what students can and cannot do, in contrast to what they do or don’t know. These assessments help the students to demonstrate their ability, perform a meaningful task and receive feedback by a qualified person. All this focuses on the students’ performance and the quality of work performed by the students.

To conclude – change, an evolution is the essence of life and learning is an integral part of life. To prepare learners for the new world of work, the dynamics in the classrooms need to be more reflective of the real world. Interestingly, evolution is not only about bringing technological changes into the classroom but also about embracing the social shift – the way we think about and relate to the world and each other.

A self motivated, energetic and a professional individual with an undaunted zeal, love and passion for children and their development, is what describes Taruna Kapoor as an individual.

With vision for strategic implementation of policies and syllabus, for her growth is the driving force and motivation for achievement. She is a result driven professional, with a track record of about eighteen years of experience in teaching and management on multiple industry verticals. Being a mother, she fully understands the concern of parents for the overall development of their wards; seeing this accomplished under her guidance, she requires no other laurel or award to motivate her further.

As a person and as a teacher her world has revolved around students and she has worked to upgrade herself always to reach that level wherein she could be a mentor to her student world. She has conducted several workshops for school principals and is an active writer for some renowned publishing houses.

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