Empowerment of Educators at Jammu


The Diocese of Jammu invited Salony Priya , psychologist and Director of Ummeed Counselling & Consultancy, Kolkata, to empower educators from more than 24 schools across Jammu region from schools affiliated to the J&K Board , ICSE and CBSE boards to understand how the Emotionally Intelligent Educator can create effective learning in classrooms. It was an extremely educative experience for all, as the real life experiences brought the classrooms to the workshop and teachers could develop insight into students’ psychological needs and their resultant behaviour.

Empowering educators requires the fifth space in our classrooms. The subject specialists and assessment experts also need to add the dimension of the inner world of the child, his behaviour and other strategies to their teaching to deal with the millennium child. The workshop design brought to the fore the socio-cultural changes that effect behaviour and psych-educate educators to see why and how the child and adolescent sitting in their class cannot behave the way we think they should. As it dawns that behaviour is influenced by our environment, we develop insight to observe and then as educators we need to learn to RESPOND and not REACT

Salony Priya dealt with the place of IQ, EQ and SQ in a classroom; change is required in teachers’ CQ, attitude and approach; HQ – how to create Happiness quotient in our classrooms.

The teachers attending the workshops went away enriched by the learning experience and were inspired by new ideas of innovation for good classroom management.

Workshops were held at Carmel Convent High School, Kunjwani on 23rd March 2018, at Karan Bagh on 24th March and at St Xavier’s Convent Sen Secondary School, Kathua on 26th March. Over 800 teachers from 24 schools in the Jammu region attended these workshops.

Father Peppin, Chairman of the Catholic Diocese of Jammu, was the spirit behind this venture and left no stone unturned to ensure its success.