Empower teachers: like in Finland!

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

What makes the Finland Schooling System the best in the world? It delivers educational excellence, which has the highest standard in the world. Well, there is not one reason, but a bouquet of best practices which makes it the best.

Teaching is the most prestigious profession in Finland, enjoying the same respect as doctors. Here, all teachers have a mandatory master’s degree in education and specialise in research and classroom practice. Thus, the teachers are simply a class apart, with best-in-class knowledge and experience.

And that’s not all, teachers are empowered with not just responsibility but also authority. All school matters are decided by the educators or teachers and not politicians or bureaucrats. This is why they come up with the best practices in education, which schools across the world would like to emulate.

The learning system is unique – no formal teaching method and no scripted lessons. If one teaching method does not work, teachers look for another option. They have the freedom to innovate and experiment to get the best results. The teaching is personalised and the group of children in class is very small, making it viable for teachers to have a one-to-one interaction.

And it’s not just studies on which they focus, they give equal weightage to developing the social and interactive skills of the students and guide them in the process of becoming adults to take responsible decisions. Children are allowed to have fun in the class…they can laugh, slouch, wiggle and even day dream! This is because the overall environment is encouraging. Trust is the main factor in pupil and teacher relationship and goes a long way in fostering positive learning role models and environments.

Teachers do not control students and do not drive them to unwanted competition, rather they show warmth, support, encouragement and respect. It is the teachers who observe and assess children on the basis of their day-to-day performance.

They use quizzes and other testing methodologies for assessment.

It is time that schools across the world learnt a few lessons from Finland and improve their education system. Let’s make schools a haven of happiness for children and empower our teachers to innovate and experiment to bring out the best in our children.

Happy teaching!

Sonal Khurana