Educational Leadership in the Digital Age:


Real-world ready schools are those which are focused on learning in a digital age and preparing students for the world of today and of the future.

The culture of these real-world ready schools is based on building a leadership team, establishing a coherent vision for change, developing a systematic action plan, modeling for leaders effective and efficient ways to leverage digital tools to increase effectiveness, and modeling for teachers how to harness tools to support students’ learning. Working smarter not harder by discovering natural complements to the work already being done enhances outcomes. This highly engaging and interactive session will allow leaders to practice using digital tools to create a culture focused on rigor, relevance and engagement.

A successful leader is one who communicates effectively with all stakeholders and takes control of public relations by becoming the storyteller-in-chief. Sharing your vision for learning in a digital age is about building a community and strengthening relationships with your stakeholders. This day of professional learning will provide strategies and tools for digital leaders to build their community through effective communication strategies to market the highly rigorous and relevant student learning. With the aim to make educational leaders aware of these traits of a Digital Leader, to help them understand what it takes to lead in the digital age, EdTechReview invites Eric Sheninger for the ‘Digital Leadership Workshop’ which is first of its kind in India will be held on 25th September 2015.

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‘Digital leadership is a dynamic combination of mindset, behaviours, and skills that are employed to change and/or enhance school culture through the assistance of technology. It is about working smarter, not harder, and achieving better results in the process. This workshop will help you establish direction, influence others, and initiate sustainable change through the access to information to establish relationships in order to anticipate changes pivotal to school success in the future,’ says Eric Sheninger. ‘We are thrilled to have digital pioneer Eric Sheninger lead this workshop for EdTechReview. I have read Eric’s book and have seen the comprehensive Agenda for the workshop; I am sure that each educational leader especially a school principal will relate to it because of his practical insights on leading in the digital age. Our aim with this ‘Digital Leadership Workshop’ is to certify some educational leaders and to train more educational leaders in different cities across the country with their support,’ says Utkarsh Lokesh, CEO, EdTechReview.

EdTechReview (ETR), which is India’s premier EdTech community & International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), which is world-renowned for leadership in education will certify all the participants as ‘Digital Leaders’. Each participant will also receive Eric Sheninger’s book ‘Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times’ apart from the certificate. School teachers and leaders can register in groups to avail discounts at:

About Eric Sheninger

Eric is currently the K-12 Director of Technology and Innovation for the Spotswood School District (NJ). He is an experienced practitioner who walks-the-walk when it comes to embracing technology to support learning. An award-winning principal of New Milford High School, Sheninger oversaw the successful implementation of several sustainable change initiatives that radically transformed the learning culture at his school while increasing achievement. New Milford High became a globally recognised model for innovative practices under his tenure. His efforts to implement technology as a mechanism for transforming teaching, learning, and community engagement has led to the formation of the Pillars of Digital Leadership, a framework for all educators to initiate sustainable change to transform school cultures. A frequent blogger, Eric is also the author of Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times.