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Education Technology

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February 24, 2014


Educational Technology aims to improve education for the 21st century learners. As the ‘non-digital native’, the facilitator needs to access the benefits of this technology. Some of the advantages that can be directly seen are:

  • The facilitator can post course material or important information that can be accessed by all the learners in a
    shorter time.His/her responses can also be received by the facilitator and a feedback can be provided. It provides grounds for interactive learning and the facilitator is able to engage the learner in a positive manner.
  • Facilitators who have successfully implemented technology into the classroom have more learners who are interested in learning the subject matter.
  • The facilitator can share learning material for wider participation. This material can be used for long distance learning and can be accessed by a wider audience.

Certain aspects and terms used in technology can be grasped by solving the crossword puzzle given


    1. Operating system of many mobile devices, smart phones and tablets
    2. Most popular type of file format in which e-books are prepared
    3. Electronic device designed specifically to read e-books, like the Kindle
    4. Application for Mac and PC computers which gives access to music
    5. Type of an electronic display which operates a device by touching a screen with fingers


  1. A device from Amazon
  2. A technology that converts written text to speech using a voice synthesiser
  3. A type of display which produces a visible image due to a light source
  4. The most popular tablet in the world produced by Apple
  5. A brand of devices from Amazon

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