Dr. Ritu Solomon – A Jewel in the crown of Queen Mary’s School


The best legacy that you could leave is a world that has been impacted and touched by your presence, your joy and your positive actions.

Some souls are born to make a difference to the world, to make it more beautiful and worth living for the people around them. These lines can be truly identified in the life of Dr. (Ms.) Ritu P Solomon, the Principal of Queen Mary’s School, Tis Hazari, Delhi. Dr. Solomon was honoured with the Delhi State Teachers’ Award on 5th September by the Honourable Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal at Thyagaraj Stadium for her invaluable contribution to the field of education. Dr. Solomon joined the school as a lecturer (Geography) on 08.11.1989. Possessing the rare skill of drawing and delineating any map on the blackboard free hand, she was a favourite of her students.

An outstanding teacher and a master of her subject she gave 100% results in CBSE Board Examinations during her prolific 24 years of career as a teacher and received appreciation from the management on various occasions.

Some people are definitely born to be leaders. Dr. Ritu P. Solomon over a period of five years as the head of the institution has proved that leadership is not about a title or a description. It is about impact, influence and inspiration. A philanthropist at heart she supports many N.G.O’S working for the blind and the under privileged. Moved by a profound spirit of compassion, she contributes to the community and conducts regular rural visits along with the students to inculcate in them empathy for the down trodden. She supports and conducts campaigns like Each One Teach one, teachers training programmes, anti- cracker rallies, mock drills, swachch bharat abhiyan, etc.

A person with a humble disposition she shares a bond of trust and care with her subordinate staff members. A progressive thinker she believes in catering to human idiosyncrasies. She believes each child is a unique creation and should be nurtured with utmost love and care. Hence, she gives equal importance to disciplines like sports, dance, public speaking and community service. Under her able guidance the school is already heading towards being a learning centre that aims at not only cognitive development of students but also their physical and spiritual evolution ensuring the holistic development of each student. Students are encouraged to attend NASA camps on a regular basis to inculcate in them critical thinking and prepare them for the future world. Conserving the prestigious and rich heritage of Queen Mary’s, Tis Hazari, is a challenging task. However, Dr. Solomon has proved her mettle through her sincerity, perseverance and dedication. An enthusiastic leader, she believes we have miles to go before we sleep and that we must work ceaselessly till the goal is reached. An epitome of goodness and benevolence she is the driving force at the helm of affairs and her endeavours have catapulted the school to new heights of success. Dr. Ritu Solomon has innumerable achievements and awards to her credit.

Inspiring and impacting the life of her students and subordinates, Dr. Ritu P. Solomon is a teacher in all aspects who believes that a true teacher is not one who creates students in her own image but develops students to create their own image.