Dr Jonathan Long


Principal Dr Jonathan Long Woodstock School, Mussoorie
Birthday: 3rd April 1958
Place of Birth: Plymouth,

Dr Jonathan LongStudied at Schools/Colleges?

Monkton Combe School, Great Britain, Maritzburg College, Republic of South Africa First school as a teacher? Dragon School, Oxford, Great Britain.

The best thing about being a teacher?

The privilege of shaping a young life – guiding, inspiring and instilling values which can last a lifetime.

How did you feel on the first day being a school principal:

The best thing about being a teacher/leader?

The privilege of bringing out the greatness in others.

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school?

When parents, school and child are linked in a strong relationship of common aims and approaches, great things can happen. This is like a three-legged stool which has the wonderful property of being stable even on very uneven ground. I believe that one of the most powerful partnerships in a young person’s life is that which can exist between school and parents.

First indications that the classroom is an effective learning place?

The quality of the relationship between the teacher and the children Vision of special education?

To begin from where young people are ‘at’ rather than from where we want them to be.

To make inclusion a reality?

When a child with learning difficulties, properly assessed and properly supported, attends classes alongside peers who do not have the same difficulties, good things happen.

View on CCE?

A wonderful theoretical framework which stands or falls on implementation.

View on e-learning platform?

I think the value is hugely overstated (as the recent OECD Report suggests). E-learning cannot replace an effective and inspiring teacher.

Best conference/seminar you have attended on education? I don’t attend conferences/

seminars anymore. These days, I gain most from informal interactions and conversations with fellow educators.

Qualities you seek in a new teacher?

An ability to create positive relationships with young people. Advice that you want to give to new teachers?

You teach from ‘who you are’. It is not your subject, your techniques or your knowledge which will inspire your students but the quality of the relationship you have with them. As the writer Parker Palmer said, ‘Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.’