David Joseph Hilton

Birthday: July 28 Sun sign: Leo Place of birth: Howrah, West Bengal
Studied at Schools/Colleges: La Martiniere Kolkata and Delhi University
Hometown: Dehradun

First School as a Teacher, City : Frank Anthony Public School, 1975, Delhi The best thing about being a Teacher :The chance of always being with the youth and interacting with bright, eager minds. The teacher’s role is constantly evolving, changing and yet unchanging in core values/systems How did you feel on the first day being school principal/leader: Nervous yet, excited at the challenge posed by the daunting responsibility that lay ahead.

The best thing about being a teacher leader: You lead and yet depend on teamwork for effective implementation of plans to contribute to the heritage and legacy of the school.

What are the traits of an effective principal: Being flexible, innovative as far as methods etc are concerned, but firm on principles and implementing a well chosen road-map for the school. A good listener, practical and an all rounder!

Please describe the role you feel parents should play in the operation of the school: Parents form the triangular component with the child and the teacher in the educational process.

Parents need to be involved, participative and a positive contributing component in school operations/ administration.

When you visit a classroom, what are the first things you look for as signs that the classrooms is an effective learning place: The classroom should be busy and humming with activity and enthusiasm. The children should feel excited and should be enjoying the learning experience. The teacher should be a facilitator without being over bearing.

What is your vision of Special Education: Must be inclusive and liberating What’s your view on CCE: CCE has been practiced in our schools system since long back. It is not a new concept as is being mooted. Each unit is comprehensively taught and evaluated and possibly re-taught / revised before moving to the next module / unit.

What’s your view on e-learning platform: E-learning facilitates great visual impact in effective learning. E-learning should always support the teaching and should never be stand alone as there is no substitute to a good teacher that motivates and inspires learning, leadership, personality development and values.

How to make inclusion a Reality: Provide regular in-service training to staff who must be prepared adequately for the challenge and are ready to buy into the process.

The most touching things that school children have done for you : Whenever I have made any request for help for social service causes the children have always responded magnificently and magnanimously.

In requesting for donations for the disaster affected areas in Uttarakhand for rebuilding schools through Rotary Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Fund programme, children made sacrifices by even contributing their pocket money for this noble cause. Children always display empathy for the less fortunate and marginalized in society.

Best conference/seminar that you have attended on education: There have been several good seminars and conferences I have attended on education enrichment, leadership etc.

Your favourite book: The Agony and the Ecstasy – Irving Stone

Your favourite Movie: Gone with the Wind

Your favourite Song: My way (Frank Sinatra version) What are the major qualities you seek in a new teacher: Enthusiastic and passionate for the job. A good learner and willing to take responsibility and not afraid of saying ‘I don’t know – I’ll check’. The teacher who can inspire and motivate children effectively through teaching to become better citizens of the world, is usually selected and retained.

One piece of advice that you want to give to new teachers: While endeavouring to be a good teacher – always be a willing learner, to imbibe/incorporate the best practices in teaching, by responding to changing trends, situations and the challenges of the profession and society. A teacher must be passionate for his / her vocation. As a progressive teacher you have been entrusted to motivate, mould and shape the minds of generation next. Treat this seriously with the respect it deserves. This will be your true reward and success in your mission / vocation will follow.