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Classroom dynamics

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July 16, 2018

Classroom dynamics

Classroom dynamics defines the way people within a class interact with each other. It’s how they talk and act; it’s how they show their feelings and opinions and how they behave as a group.

Classroom dynamics first depend on the teacher-student relationship. These dynamics always provide clues to teachers on how they can create the best positive environment in the class. The motivation to learn comes from the student-teacher attitudinal qualities.

Student concentration is the major element in the teaching learning process because it focuses student’s attention on material being learned and the teacher presenting it. In addition, the teacher needs to make a few changes in his/her presentation style.

A classroom consists of children with different levels of understanding and different needs and expectations too. It is very important for a teacher to understand the individual differences and reflect on the dynamics of the class. So, first we need to know how to find out what is happening in our class and what is the most appropriate action that needs to be taken.

The teacher needs to maintain the record of the class. A class that is new to her needs more attention as she has to understand each and every child’s behaviour, inside the class and at home. She/he needs to know if there are any special points to be taken into account like, fast or slow learners.

The work and attention to be given to both categories of students would be different and according to their levels. This will provide a framework of analysis that would help the teacher to make better decisions when considering how to manage classroom dynamics.

The teacher needs to put in extra effort on specific needs of different students. Each student should feel important while learning and communicating with the other students of the class and also with teachers. There should be a conducive environment in the class. Each and every student must participate in the class activities and no student should be left unattended.

Classroom dynamics is all about creating a positive classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable with their classmates and teachers, they should get such a platform wherein they can explore and have holistic development. It is all about involving students through interactive and innovative teaching learning methods.

There are some situations where some students do not want to participate in groups or in pairs.They may not even want to speak in front of the class and the teacher. In such situations classroom dynamics play an important role.

A class with only boys or only girls also affects the understanding and the learning behaviour of the students. Sometimes, gender differences play an important role in group dynamics. At times, girl students lack participation due to shyness.

As teachers, we should render help and support. This requires us to suspend all personal judgements on teaching and learning. Research should be done carefully. Meaningful activities and projects should be taken up, which would prove beneficial to the students. It not only helps to maintain the interest of the students but also helps in drawing the attention of the students learning. It helps in recognizing the personal characteristics of individuals and in creating a conducive environment for learning.

Jaspal Kaur is a special Educator working with Yadavindra Public School, Patiala as a faculty member. She has several years of experience in helping students to jump past the barrier of their limitation to achieve a better and self-driven lifestyle so as to bring them at par with the others in the class. With a degree in Bachelor of Special Education in Learning Disability, she utilizes every opportunity to educate students of all age groups, both inside and outside, classroom settings. She has also been conducting workshops to educate teachers to help identify learning problems and advising parents on the positive parenting for holistic development of children.

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