Case Studies


Teacher–Case Studies

Hemalatha resides 29 kms from the Satya Bharti School in Thenkarai. This dedicated Head Teacher travels approximately 60km and three hours every day to reach school. She leaves home as early as 7:30 in the morning and gets back only after five in the evening. She doesn’t hesitate to come to school even on holidays to fulfill her commitments towards effective implementation of processes for the school’s progress.

In addition, she has also motivated the teachers of her school to contribute a part of their salary to help students who live far from the school to commute.

–Ms Hemalatha,
Head Teacher, Satya Bharti School, Thenkarai,
Tamil Nadu

A B. Ed candidate with an M. Sc. Degree, Andhavalli was a teacher at a reputed school in Sivaganga. It was Bharti Foundation’s philosophy and ‘quality education’ objective that motivated her to forsake her high-paying job and be a part of the programme. Traveling 50kms a day, including walking three kilometers to and from the village bus stop and her husband’s initial disapproval did not deter her. Today, he lends her a supporting hand and is a part of her endeavors.

When Andhavalli joined, the school had no proper building and had only 88 students and two teachers. She held classes in the open and introduced personal hygiene and sanitation practices in the school. The school is presently operating at full capacity, boasts of a ‘Grade A’ ranking and is an inspiration for other schools and teachers.

–Ms Andhavalli,
Head Teacher, Satya Bharti School,
Pethachikudiiruppu, Tamil Nadu

Students–Case Studies

Students of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Sherpur Kalan, Ludhiana (Punjab) noticed the growing ill-effects of open defecation in the village due to lack of proper sanitation facilities within the households. People were unaware about health and hygiene standards as well as the adverse effects of improper sanitation. Moreover, absence of household toilets led the female population of the village to visit secluded areas that were possible threats to their safety.

The students organized household surveys to understand the reasons behind this prevalent issue and spread awareness among people around importance of proper sanitation practices. A memorandum was submitted to the Village Panchayat by these students to explain about the growing illness and diseases among people in the village due to improper sanitation facility. They also appealed to the Panchayat Sarpanch to contribute funds for construction of toilets in the village households.

Impact → Following this campaign, the Village Panchayat has initiated help by constructing 10 toilets.
→ People in the village are now aware about the importance of practicing good hygiene to ensure better health.
→ The Village Panchayat has applied for further grants towards this project simultaneous to the Satya Bharti Abhiyan project.
→ Discussions with NGOs and Banks are respectively in progress to seek their support as well as invite interest free loans to build toilets.

–Initiative on Sanitation by Students
Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School,
Sherpur Kalan, Ludhiana (Punjab)

036Anisha was born into a family where the birth of a girl child is unwelcomed. Deprived of parental love, she grew up in constant fear of being married off early. Also, the condition of her family was socially and economically deplorable as they belonged to the backward class. Her father was unemployed, addicted to liquor, smoking and gambling and abused his wife and daughters. Anisha did not give up and got herself and her sister enrolled in the Satya Bharti School in her village. Today, she is an active participant of all Community Outreach Programmes and counsels community members to send their children, especially girls, to school.

Her success however, faced a road-block when her grandfather, who is the sole breadwinner of the family, decided to get her married. Her teachers counseled her family members and were finally able to call off the marriage. In-spite of various health problems, Anisha is an exemplary student, both in academics and extra-curriculars. She is a regular and punctual student, is always tidy and practices hygiene. She conducts the morning assembly in school, is the captain of the Shakti House and the class monitor. Anisha also spearheads the 5S revolution in her school as well as in her community and is responsible for treeplantation in her school.

–Anisha Bunkar,
Class III, Satya Bharti School, Labana, Amer,